Hi, I’m Marisa — Let’s work together to co-create an aligned lifestyle.

You are READY.

  • Ready to make changes and do the necessary work
  • Ready to invite joy into your life
  • Ready to move forward on your back burner project, but you don’t know the next step
  • Ready to try on a new perspective…because your current lens just isn’t working
  • Ready to surround yourself with uplifting community
  • Ready to articulate your personal brand
  • Ready to claim your birthright—a life that aligns with your higher purpose

I’m here to guide you in establishing habits for:

  • Manifesting creatively
  • Moving mindfully
  • Eating calmly
  • Socializing conscientiously
  • Branding yourself holistically
  • Moving forward on bucket list projects
  • Aligning your life’s work or career according to dharma—your higher purpose

I‘m on a mission to support you in assuming authorship over the script of your life. Together we’ll break down the old stories you tell yourself—that self-care is for the weekend, that stress and success go hand-in-hand, and that feeling good is selfish. My vision is to see you living an aligned life that places your wellbeing at heart’s center.

Let’s rewrite your story to align your life around the things that feel good. Work with me to re-vision your priorities in order to make decisions that uphold your wellbeing. We’ll orient the things you love at the center of your life, and I’ll support you in making the real-time adjustments in order to see this manifest—some will be small and can be put into effect immediately. Other changes will require intentional formation of new habits to initiate progress over time.

Signs your life is out of alignment…

You have a dream for a new business, brand, or blog….BUT…fear and uncertainty hold you back.

You have a “great” job…BUT…you’re living for the weekend.

You desire a quiet evening at home to recharge…BUT…your social circle parties all night.

You’re exhausted at your desk all day at work…BUT…you don’t get a wink of sleep at night.

You want to make healthy food choices…BUT…stress causes you to binge on processed food and alcohol.

You’d love to try mindfulness practices like yoga or meditation…BUT…your commute drains you of all motivation.

Your Instagram is an impressive highlight reel…BUT…that’s just one moment plucked from a lifestyle of discontent.

I hired Marisa to check my alignment in my fairly new regular yoga asana practice. During the goal-setting process, her knowledge about and inspirational way of discussing yoga philosophy piqued my interest. We ended up splitting our time between philosophy and asana, and I realized that yoga has a much more holistic place in my life. Marisa helped me accomplish my goal of creating a consistent yoga practice by revealing to me that when I think about my breathing, or use my home-made mala, or read the Yoga Sutras I am practicing yoga consistently.”

Lauren Reda, yoga coaching
Marisa is so positive, uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging, and I feel honored to have her support and mentorship. I was really nervous to go to my first yoga teacher audition and had no idea what to expect. As soon as I let Marisa know I was auditioning, she proactively and excitedly offered to guide me through the entire process of preparing myself to step into a yoga audition. She gave me multiple pep talks which enabled me to go through the entire audition with full confidence and positive energy which I believe was instrumental in helping me pass the audition and earn a spot as a teacher at the studio! Having Marisa as a mentor is priceless.”

Jenn Chang , yoga coaching
After thinking back on our call, I have nothing but positive things to say. Marisa really listened to my problems and gave me actionable items to help me achieve my goals. She inspired me to really go after what I want and gave me hope that it is achievable. I also feel like Marisa didn’t make me feel silly when I mentioned the positive things I was experiencing as a result of my meditations.”

Erin LaBranche, personal coaching
After meeting with Marisa I left the session inspired to gather all of my ideas and thoughts and put it all into a format. A takeaway for me was to not be afraid of asking my clients or niche market for their feedback even in the early stages of my project.”

Eurydice Cuesta, personal training branding coaching
Marisa has an amazing ability to help you see past your own doubts and make actionable plans for your goals. Her warm and encouraging nature is perfect for helping to coach you on moving forward with your projects.”

Jillian Kerrins-Torres, photography branding coaching, Your Content Goes Here
Attune and Align was an extremely inspirational experience. It allowed me to bond with other women who are working on manifesting similar goals. I felt very empowered and supported by the community to take steps toward accomplishing my wellness goals. Such a great community of women!

Kristen Chauvin, Attune + Align