Welcome to your resource for all things wellness. I look forward to guiding you on your personalized wellness journey towards the lifestyle of your own design. As a holistic nutrition consultant and yoga teacher, I believe that your approach to nourishment and mindful movement directly impacts your capacity to manifest a fulfilling life lived on your own terms. My custom personalized menus crafted specifically for you focus on plant-based, gluten-free cuisine that can be tailored to the bio-individuality of your dietary needs and personal health history. Women who work with me enjoy a diet that is seasonal, local, and organicโ€”a diet showcasing an array of healthful plant based fats and myriad probiotics. The instruction I offer you on the yoga mat around philosophy and asana aims to bring you into alignment with your life’s purpose off the mat. I’ll support you in letting go of negative thought patterns and self-limiting beliefs. You’ll burn away the non-essential layers to shine your brilliant light from within.

Women work with me to answer their callโ€”they tell me they reach out to me as their response to a deeply rooted desire to say yes to their passions and align the activities of their daily life to more accurately reflect their infinite healthy glow within. I’m here to provide a road map, guidance, and inspiration. I’ve got your back every step of the way, and I’m your biggest cheerleader. I believe in you. I’ve had the most inspiring female mentors believe in me, and I embrace my role as mentor as an opportunity to pay this karma forward to you.

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