Welcome! I’m Marisa LaValette, and I’m ready to serve you as your go-to resource for your personalized wellness experiences. If you’re on this page you’ve already taken the first step to aligning your daily life to your heart’s calling. I’m so glad you’re here!

As a holistic health coach and yoga teacher, I believe that your approach to nourishment and mindful movement directly impacts your capacity to manifest a fulfilling life lived on your own terms. I’m on a mission to support you in saying yes to your dreams and aligning your lifestyle accordingly. Will you join me?


Attune & Align Experience, a one-of-a-kind women’s wellness workshop series and mentorship experience—

For the Woman Who Seeks to:

  • Establish personalized at-home yoga and meditation practice
  • Understand her relationship with food
  • Hone in on her personal brand
  • Discover her unique dharma—her heart’s highest purpose
  • Apply her personal spiritual practices within the context of modern life

Bay Area women gather in the autumn for connection, creativity, and collaboration taught through the lenses of yoga, meditation, and holistic nutrition.

Women creatives and business owners join the group in a series of workshops to hone in on every woman’s unique voice, passion, and cosmic gifts with the aim of cultivating inspiration for a new project— a business, brand, or blog.


“Marisa is an incredibly knowledgable cook who can feel comfortable in any kitchen. She understands the close relationship between what we eat and our holistic health and implements that in all her personalized recipes. Her perspective on cooking will enable you to feel confident that what you’re eating is good for you and the greater agricultural ecosystem.”

Anisa Bashiri, nutrition consulting client

“I hired Marisa to check my alignment in my fairly new regular yoga asana practice. During the goal-setting process, her knowledge about and inspirational way of discussing yoga philosophy piqued my interest. We ended up splitting our time between philosophy and asana, and I realized that yoga has a much more holistic place in my life. Marisa helped me accomplish my goal of creating a consistent yoga practice by revealing to me that when I think about my breathing, or use my home-made mala, or read the Yoga Sutras I am practicing yoga consistently.”

Lauren Reda, 1:1 yoga and meditation client

“Marisa is so positive, uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging, and I feel honored to have her support and mentorship. I was really nervous to go to my first yoga teacher audition and had no idea what to expect. As soon as I let Marisa know I was auditioning, she proactively and excitedly offered to guide me through the entire process of preparing myself to step into a yoga audition. She gave me multiple pep talks which enabled me to go through the entire audition with full confidence and positive energy which I believe was instrumental in helping me pass the audition and earn a spot as a teacher at the studio! Having Marisa as a mentor is priceless.”

Jenn Chang , yoga mentee

“Marisa was enthusiastic, caring, and most importantly, respectfully tuned-in to the needs of the high school students that we brought in for two extended yoga sessions. Her instructions were carefully calibrated to adolescent ears and her responsiveness to their questions was well-considered and deliberate. We can’t thank Marisa enough for her expertise, her kindness, and for the empathy with which she guided our group. We were lucky to work with her. “

Selene Zander, Drew School, teens yoga client

“Marisa and I had the opportunity to talk about how best to balance deliciousness with nutrition, and how she is working with her clients to provide healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy eating. Working in the food world as well, I have to say that Marisa’s dedication to exploring new flavors, sourcing the best ingredients, and curating a great meal experience was impressive. It’s a particular challenge to make healthy taste great, and Marisa leverages her abundance of enthusiasm and deep knowledge to bring great meals to her clients’ tables.”

George Nachtrieb, Sun Basket, nutrition consulting client

“Marisa catered a delicious and beautiful vegan lunch for a day-long yoga retreat we hosted in the fall. She was amazing to work with. She came up with several creative ideas for the menu and even sent photos to help us decide. On the day of the event she set up the numerous dishes beautifully and brought all the necessary serving items. She stayed to help serve and explain the ingredients to our participants and clean up at the end. We appreciated that we didn’t have to worry about anything related to the food so we could focus on the other parts of the retreat. In addition to being vegan, all the food that Marisa prepared was beautifully presented, colorful, and most importantly delicious. We would not hesitate to hire her for another event.”

Jessica O’Connell, yoga retreat nutrition client

“We wanted to help our student athlete eat high protein, gluten free breakfasts. Marisa’s smoothies and energy bites are the best! For those looking for healthy grab & go ideas or families looking for help staying on the healthy gluten Free or vegan track, Marisa can help. She sends you a custom menu via Google docs, lists all ingredients, and is very open to changing up each offering depending on what is or isn’t popular with the family. Highly recommend!”

Wati Grossman, nutrition client

“Our family has been ordering food from Marisa for the past months and couldn’t be happier. Her food is not only super healthy but extremely delicious. We have a picky household, but so far every single meal has been top notch. She carefully selects only fruits and vegetables that are in season and totally fresh. Everything she cooks is locally sourced. She packages and labels every single item and provides a detailed menu with ingredients. You can set up a schedule with her for a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It truly is a dream come true, and we look forward to Marisa’s special meals.”

Trish Inguagiato, personal chef client