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1) CELEBRATION Recently I’ve had a lot to celebrate. Shane and I are celebrating eight years together. Here we are just yesterday on a Sunday hike in Marin up at Bon Tempe Reservoir. We’ve always loved exploring the outdoors together; after all, we lived on the road for 256 days when we graduated Georgetown.  I’m […]

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the amazing cooking space at Casa Jacaranda

Cooking with Jorge and Beto at Casa Jacaranda

Today my students will celebrate Cinco de Mayo this afternoon in class, and no Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without tales from a Mexican kitchen! In April I booked myself a cooking class with Jorge and Beto at Casa Jacaranda. This was my first cooking class ever, and it truly enriched my culinary […]

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3 Reasons Why Dishero Is The Food App I’ve Been Waiting For!

Recently I’ve been following foodie app Dishero @disheroapp on Instagram. As readers of my blog already know, I consider myself a bit of an aficionado when it comes to food hashtags, and Dishero takes #foodie #foodtography #foodlove and #foodporn to a whole new level! If you have a hankering for something, but you can’t exactly […]

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Mexico City for Foodies

Oftentimes travel can be stressful for foodies on healthy diets. Indeed, the airport was a nightmare for me at SFO last week. Normally I fly with Virgin out of Terminal 2, and for whatever reason, there are great food options there like the Plant Organic Cafe and the Lark Creek Grill. Last week I was […]

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Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

Mexico City in Four Days

Last week I flew into Mexico City Tuesday evening and left Sunday morning, which gave me four full days in between. Keeping in mind that Mexico City is one of the world’s largest cities with over 20 million people, there’s a lot to do, and so four days is an achingly short amount of time. […]

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3 Budget-Friendly Hotels Near Barcelona’s Colorful Experiences

When savvy travelers think of colorful sights in Barcelona, Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia tends to come to mind first. However, there are other places in Barcelona to enjoy a vivid visual experience away from the center of the cathedral’s tourist bustle. Colors abound in northeastern Spain, especially in summertime, and Hipmunk has you covered for landing affordable […]

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Bibimbap Power Bowl

Case of the Mondays? This Monday-after-Easter blog post will kick that 2:30 feeling for ‘ya. After all, my Bibimbap Power Bowl is chock-full of proteins, greens, and cleansing cabbage! I’ll make this blog post just as quick and super-easy as making yourself a Bibimbap for lunch! I’ve been eating a lot of Korean food recently. […]

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Top 3 Recipes for ZOODLES!

While foodies indeed require a certain array of cooking tools, I’m a minimalist in terms of kitchenware. It’s expensive, and I’m cautious of purchasing a cook tool if I’m worried I’ll only use it for one recipe. I’ve never felt this regret with my Ninja blender (I’d love for Santa to bring me a Vitamix […]

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Sunday Pancakes!

In San Francisco, Sunday = brunch. As fun as that scene can be in a city full of foodies and #glutenfree #cleaneaters, let’s not forget the joys you can whip up in your own kitchen! I’ve been in a pancake mood recently. I’ve been exclusively using Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pancake Mix. Let me know […]

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Have You Had Your Greens Today? My Top 3 Daily Smoothies

Will Ferrell once sang “Mondays, how I hate Mondays. They make me so steamed. Weekends! I prefer the weekends!” Well, the weekend has ended, and it is indeed Monday. Here are my favorite smoothie recipes to cool you down from being so steamed, and smoothies are a great way to kick the week off healthy— […]

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