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Girl Rising (PG-13): An Impetus for Social Entrepreneurship

Last week my students in 7th and 8th grade Girls’ Leadership Club hosted their second annual movie night, raising awareness surrounding modern women’s issues around the globe with their presentation of Girl Rising. I am always so proud of these girls, whether they’re hosting a summer children’s camp in rural Costa Rica or spending their Friday night […]

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My first metal smithing creation!

Workshop SF

Months ago out at dinner I asked my friend Katey where she got her amazing copper earrings. She had finished making them that very afternoon at the end of a two-weekend intro to jewelry-making series at Workshop. I had never heard of Workshop and was entertained by its name. Workshop on McAllister and Baker just […]

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Happy New Year in Big Sur

Last week Shane and I drove down to Big Sur to start the new year off right. It was just like the good ‘ol days when we lived in his Chevy S-10 pickup truck! Except this time we were testing out my new (used) Honda CR-V. After all, I got an SUV to support our […]

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Taxco, Mexico vs San Francisco, CA: Celebration of the New Year

Dear family, friends and amazing audience of readers, Dec. 31 is my favorite day of the year, because it’s New Year’s Eve AND my birthday, so I generally find that people are pretty jolly on the day that I am trying to be happy about everything, too. Life changes a lot in one year. Exactly […]

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Flight Behavior: A Beautiful Butterfly Trapped in the Wrong Place

Last year on New Year’s Eve- my birthday- Shane and I were in Angangueo, in Michoacan, Mexico. Our Mexico road trip just so happened to coincide with the yearly migration of the monarch butterflies. It’s hard to notice them at first, but in this next picture you’ll see that the dark shapes on the trees […]

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Treasure Island flea: the heart and soul of San Francisco

Thinking back on my travels throughout many countries, the marketplace stands out in my mind as the most robust source of cultural information- Guatemala has Chichicastenango, Mexico City has Bazaar Sábado, Cape Town has Green Market Square, and here in San Francisco, we have Treasure Island flea. If we define culture as the food, dress, […]

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Mexico City: A flea market shopper’s heaven

Next weekend Shane’s parents are coming to visit us in San Francisco for the first time, and their visit coincides with the last weekend of the month, which every San Franciscan can tell you is when the Treasure Island flea market takes place! I love the handmade jewelry made by women entrepreneurs my age, the […]

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Neruda: His three houses, colorful chalices, and green ink

As a Spanish teacher and avid traveler through Spanish-speaking countries, I’ve gotten to learn about some unique Spanish-speaking creative minds! In the past I have enjoyed blogging about Salvador Dalí and his idiosyncracies. I’ve similarly delved into the details of the lives of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera– it seems that well-known Spanish-speaking […]

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El Trapiche Preschool Classrom

Photo of the Day: Completed Project in El Trapiche, Nicaragua!

Today I received a delightful email from Menlo School’s representative at Free the Children. If you haven’t been following the saga, back in February, I went with a group of 16 Menlo high schoolers down to Nicaragua on their “Knight School” trip– a week off each year from regular classes to pursue extracurricular interests– in […]

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Sliding in Valparaiso

My students had a blast sliding down Valparaiso’s 48 hills while on our walking tour with La Bicicleta Verde. After all the sliding, climbing up and down staircases and riding funiculars up and down the old port city, the kids were hungry. We tore into some Chilean alfajores from a shop down one of the […]

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