Contact me to hone in on which 90-minute session package offering is right for you.

Clarity Package $620

Have you ever left a public yoga class with the sensation that you’ve left with more questions than answers? What did the teacher mean when she said that you can use ujjayi today if it supports your practice? Should my feet be touching in chair pose? Do my knees hyperextend? Who is Pataรฑjali?

Book me for four sessions to bring clarity to these common questions. Whether you practice regularly in public classes or have been hesitating about going for the first time, these sessions are meant to establish confidence in your approach to practice and understanding of the yoga tradition. During these sessions you’ll learn how to align your body safely and comfortably in the most commonly taught poses. I’ll clarify your questions about the terminology that doesn’t always get defined in the yoga classroom.

Viveka Package $1,160

Eight sessions provide special insight for students interested in learning how to practice at home. You’ll integrate vivekaโ€”discernment, into your personal practice. Together we’ll identify places in your practice where you might be over-efforting, and we’ll shed light onto the blind spots in your practice that might hold you back when you plan a home practice.

Dharma Package $1,620

During twelve sessions we’ll collaborate to customize your personal approach to transferring your yoga practice off your mat and into the rest of your life. Through mindful and compassionate goal setting, we’ll chart the best course for you to bring your life’s purposeโ€”dharma, to life. You’ll integrate the belief that your yoga practice serves as the blueprint for the way you want to live your life.

Please note my 24 hr cancellation policy for these appointments.