This unique manifestation of my life’s passion for all things food is the culmination of my experiences working in the health and wellness industry. As a holistic food stylist, I draw from my years spent serving as personal chef, cooking teacher, catering business owner, and student of holistic nutrition.

My passion for local, seasonal, organic, bright, colorful food coupled with my passion for presentation and understanding of event design naturally evolved into my role as food stylist.

When I see women gathering around my wellness offerings in a genuine desire to live their healthiest and most nourished life, my heart swells.

In my capacity as holistic food stylist I understand the demands of offering food that is not only camera-ready for your print, online, and editorial needs, but also representative of the client’s stylistic and nutritional requests. It goes without saying that my offerings are out of this world delicious. Every dish is infused with meticulous attention to detail and all of my love.

All of my holistic food styling offerings for your wellness or lifestyle photo shoot are gluten-free and can be tailored to the spectrum of today’s diets such as lectin free and low FODMAP, along with being customizable according to the cleanse or lifestyle you hope to showcase.

I look forward to working with you as a client to bring your dream to life for your photoshoot. When we connect we’ll cover everything from how you want your event to feel, to color scheme, to seasonality, to sourcing of the food, to menu development, and we’ll even collaborate to source the right props to showcase the particular foods you choose.

Ultimately my role as holistic food stylist aligns with my life’s dharma as wellness educator and mentor. Whether I’m in the yoga studio or on set styling your healthy lifestyle event, I aim to share my teachings to support clients on their individual path towards their healthiest life.

Let’s design your holistic food styling event!
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