In the Empower program, clients work with me 1:1 to establish the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. We’ll spend a lot of face time together in the beginning—farmers market shopping and matcha lattes— how does that sound?! But as the weeks go by, you’ll see me less and less, because you’ll be at home in a new healthy rhythm. Rest assured that I’m always a phone call, text, or tea date away.


Based on your healthy eating goals, preferences, and intolerances, we’ll go through literally every item in your kitchen to eliminate healthy lifestyle disrupters. I’ll give you tips for organizing and storing your very own bulk section! This is a great way to get your kids involved, too.


Starting at the farmer’s market, we’ll start small—buying directly from farmers—and then work our way up to the typical supermarket. Build relationships with local farmers and buy more of your weekly haul directly from them. Watch as your supermarket list gets shorter! Bring the kids so they can meet the folks who grow their food.


I’ll guide you in crafting weekly grocery list templates according to your goals. Share the templates across your family’s devices so that everyone participates in building the weekly lists. Put others in the driver’s seat of their own wellness while you lead by example.

We’ll take a similar electronic approach to charting out weekly menus, which combine my best practices for menu planning:

-minimize waste

chickpeas three ways…

-utilize the same ingredient across different cuisines

cilantro used in Indian lentil dal, Mexican guacamole, and Thai tom kha


How much green smoothie, homemade granola, cashew yogurt, pepita spread, quinoa porridge, gf/v blueberry muffins, and bliss bites can we make together in two hours? I’ll take you through an exciting weekly meal prep session. We’ll need your kids’ helping hands!

$600 includes four hours in person + unlimited phone and email support

cost of food is not included in the Empower package

(cost of food is included in my Holistic Wellness packages)

The Empower program pairs beautifully with à la carte options from the Attune yoga and mindfulness package.

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