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Attune + Align is the first of its kind holistic wellness immersion for women who gather in sisterhood. In this intimate setting, I share directly from my trove of personal wellness habits and spiritual rituals that led me down the path to creating this life I love. I am humbled by this unique opportunity to share my divine road map for living a contented, exciting, and fulfilling life with you. The 7 chakras serve as our energetic guide posts for each phase of our journey together.

Over the course of seven Saturdays, you’ll attune to the lifestyle practices that support your highest vibration at each chakra—beginning at the root, lessons empower you to take command of your wellness practices on your own terms. As the lessons develop in complexity and nuance over the ensuing weeks, you’ll attune to your heart’s calling on your journey towards your crown. Your supportive women’s network has your back as you align your life accordingly.

Thank you to our generous 2019 sponsors Athleta and RAE Studios!

Expect to dive in to some sweaty asana sessions, dream big over vision boards, get into your meal prepping groove, hone in on your unique voice, discover your personal offering to the highest good, choose to participate in a professional photo shoot, and share your personal experiences with the group every step along the way. Spend 4 hours coaching with me 1:1 to design a dharma-driven lifestyle.


Autumn 2020 dates coming soon



Autumn 2020 pricing coming soon

Attune + Align women enjoy 10% off my coaching services.

Choose from my services such as private yoga sessions, guided meditation, personalized holistic meal plan, goal setting session, or coaching for your personal brand.

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Attune + Align provided exactly that for my life right now—an opportunity to attune to myself and the essential pieces to live a life that is aligned with my truest self. It not only allowed for reflection, but also hands on opportunities to deepen that work of alignment such as practicing using my voice and practicing true self love. As I continue to put into practice all the new tools I have gained and be in community with other inspiring women, I plan to use my knowledge to help other women like myself of color on their wellness journey.

Pamela Gonzalez

My main takeaway from Attune + Align is to trust yourself and know that there are other women in the same spot as you that want to create something bigger than what they have already. In this workshop, I’ve been able to feel safe to share ideas, emotions, and thoughts on launching my blog and start teaching yoga. The energy and realness was the fire that I needed to start! Thank you, Marisa, for leading these workshops. You have been inspiring and thoughtful the entire time.

Michelle Hall

Hearing female business owners speak about their passion was contagious, and the community forum was supportive and encouraged deep sharing among its members. All of this prompted me to take action on my own interests, and I ended my time in the workshop series in a state of intense creativity and belief in my business ideas.

Lauren Reda

I especially loved the coming together of these unique women to be open to growth, self-awareness, and vulnerability, all seeking to build connection and growth through community. I am inspired to take chances and do what is closest to my heart and true desires.

Liz Covello

Attune + Align allowed me to form new relationships, both with myself and others. I came out of the workshops with a fresh perspective and energy to work towards my goals! I also loved going to new places in SF and learning from other successful women.

Nicole Lanni


You should sign up if you are a Bay Area woman looking for a holistic approach to wellness that can be applied to your modern life. You do not need to have an advanced asana practice to participate. Just as I do in my public yoga classes, I meet every student where they are. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike will deepen their practice during this workshop series.

Check out Attune + Align Online, Attune + Align Facebook community, Attune + Align online yoga and nutrition membership platform, and look at my 1:1 coaching services, many of which I can offer you virtually or over the phone. As far as in-person events go, stay tuned for an offering near you soon! Stay in the loop by subscribing to my Monday Memo mailing list.

While we will practice asana at some of the workshops, do not sign up if you are expecting yoga only. Yoga is indeed one of the main channels through which I teach about wellness and spirituality, but you will also dive into your personal nutrition profile, goal setting exercises, and personal branding strategies—all in the aim of attuning to your heart’s purpose, bringing it to life (in the form of a new business, brand, or blog), and aligning accordingly. If you are strictly looking for an asana-only immersion, then this workshop series is not for you. If you are a certified yoga instructor, check out Attune + Align 50-hr Yoga Teacher Training Immersion.

Each Saturday we’ll sit together in sangha sisterhood. We’ll close our eyes and get grounded, allowing the swirling of the busy week to melt away. In half of the workshops, we’ll move through ~60 mins of asana practice to get you rooted into your feet and established in a supportive foundation so that you’re strong in your legs for wherever your personal spiritual journey might take you. We’ll spend the remaining time talking together, meal-prepping together, dreaming together, and envisioning your lives together. During every workshop you’ll learn strategies and skills to get you on the road towards taking actionable, measurable steps towards visualizing the life you love and calling it into being.

You decide how you want to spend 4 hours working directly with me.

Your yoga mentorship may include:

-1 hr private asana session / 1 hr establishing at home meditation session / 1 hr sutra study / 1 hr mindful goal setting

Your nutrition mentorship may include:

-1 hr kitchen clean out / 1 hr shopping trip / 1 hr mindful eating strategies / 1 hr food journal + handouts consultation

Your personal brand coaching mentorship may include:

-1 hr personal branding consultation / 1 hr business plan coaching / 1 hr website strategy / 1 hr marketing strategy

While it is not necessary to own your own business, we dedicate significant energy to honing in on your unique voice. We all have a personal brand, whether we know it or not, so it’s integral to your spiritual growth to get in touch with what that means. The wellness practices you learn during Attune + Align help you to get crystal clear on who you are, the messages and vibes you send out into the Universe to others, and what you represent in terms of values and how your energy serves the highest good. It would be exciting if you felt compelled to write a blog or launch your own new brand as a result, though it’s totally open-ended and not required.

There are no refunds for missed workshops. You are welcome to book me for a private session to make up the missed time 1:1 at my hourly rate.