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3 Tips for a Rejuvenating Staycation

As a teacher at an independent school, the name of the game is as follows— work hard like crazy… here’s your vacation… work hard like crazy… surprise here’s another vacation… work hard like crazy… got ya’ again- yet another vacay comin’ at ya’! My career as a middle school Spanish teacher sets me up for […]

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Fall in Love with February!

Working on seeing life as the glass half full is an ongoing, lifelong process. Ironically, it is the people upon whom life has bestowed the most blessings who are often the most unhappy. We have so much that the one thing we feel like we “don’t have” just stands out as a starkly glaring inconsistency […]

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My Top 5 Takeaways from Yoga Teacher Training

When I committed to practicing yoga seriously just over three years ago, my top 5 Takeaways (or goal list) would have looked a lot different: 1. Hook ankle behind neck 2. Visvamitrasana 3. Scorpion 4. Headstand with no props 5. Handstand away from wall in the middle of the room Fast forward three years, I […]

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A Different Yoga Practice for 2016

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a lovely first full week back to work after the holidays. My Spanish classes were awesome this week, as the kids were rested, but I’m not going to lie – I went back to work Monday morning with the WORST COLD. I had the pleasure of teaching a […]

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My Top 5 Yoga Joys of 2015

With only a few days left in 2015, I wanted to write a post recapping my yoga practice this year. I had all kinds of great titles in mind for a post, like “5 Ways to Recommit to Your Yoga Practice in 2016,” or “5 Yoga New Years Resolutions for 2016.” As I sat down […]

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Today I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga for the first time on Instagram. Apparently this is a huge milestone in any Instagrammer’s life. I had quite the field day with it. Basically what you’re meant to do is stop whatever you’re doing, drop down, strike a yoga pose, get it photographed, and post it to Instagram […]

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Where Will Your Yoga Practice Take You?

As I consider the majority of my San Francisco photos, I realize that I’m doing yoga in most of them. What parts of my very own city would I have missed out on if I hadn’t been practicing yoga? When I’m out on a run and want to stop, drop, and yoga, I try to […]

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6 Life Lessons for Women at Beach Yoga

An impromptu yoga session at China Beach revealed unexpected revelations. Don’t discount your everyday experiences! There are lessons to be learned all the time. While these lessons could surely apply to anyone, they seemed to apply directly to women as I mulled them over.   1. Take Up Space Women often sit cross-legged or stand […]

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Celebration. Gratitude. Joy.

1) CELEBRATION Recently I’ve had a lot to celebrate. Shane and I are celebrating eight years together. Here we are just yesterday on a Sunday hike in Marin up at Bon Tempe Reservoir. We’ve always loved exploring the outdoors together; after all, we lived on the road for 256 days when we graduated Georgetown.  I’m […]

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Wanderlust Yoga in the City SF!

Yesterday I finally pulled it off- I combined two of my loves, that is, yoga and working on my tan. Sunday on the Little Marina Green, Wanderlust yoga did its tour through SF. I ended up with a righteous sunburn on my forehead and a perfectly sore body. Danielle and I arrived shortly before noon, […]

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