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Americans and their passports… or lack thereof

Every single day of my life, I think about travel all day. I think about traveling when I eat my breakfast cereal. I think about traveling while I read travel books and travel blogs. I think about traveling while running… you get the idea. I feel that such a huge portion of who I am […]

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Sunday afternoon at Great Falls Park, VA

After a week filled with days of heavy rain and flood warnings, Shane and I went with his family (along with every other family in northern VA) to check out the water level at Great Falls on the Potomac. Notice in the picture that I brought along our “Passport to Your National Parks” booklets so […]

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Twin Toilets in Chinatown

I know I have never blogged a picture of a toilet bowl before. Not only have I never blogged a photo of one toilet bowl before, I’m also pretty sure that I’ve never blogged a photo of two side-by-side toilet bowls before. No, not a toilet with a bidet alongside, but two freestanding toilets. Last […]

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When is the next adventure?

Ruby has the car packed. All she needs is someone with thumbs to drive her somewhere. The wanderlust is acute (for Ruby and for me!). Midwinter only makes it worse.

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Snow day!

Fairfax County closed public schools today due to a snow dusting. On my day off, I decided I could be a little more mature about the snow and cold weather, instead of dreaming of beaches or Arizona like I usually do. I’m actually happy about the snow today, because it is Ruby’s favorite weather. While […]

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New Jersey is better than northern Virginia

My winter-oriented gripes have morphed into the gripe I always have year-round. As a travel lover, that is, a lover of exploring new cultures, new foods, and diverse lifestyles, I carry with me an arsenal of complaints as a resident of northern Virginia for the past two years. My grievances usually run along the lines […]

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Warmer weather please!

I have been FREEZING in my basement room since sometime in November. There is no central heat, so it reminds me of spending May, June, July 2010 in South Africa in a similar lack of heating arrangement. Enduring the unlucky trans-equatorial traveler’s “2 winters in a row” is taking it’s toll, and it’s only January. […]

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