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5 Reasons to Visit South Dakota’s Badlands National Park

1. You’ll be greeted on your way in. 2. As if those prairie dogs weren’t cute enough, the wildlife gets even better once you get inside the park. The best part is that I had actually been INSIDE that port-a-potty building mere minutes before we snapped this picture from the top of a nearby hill. […]

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Fake Deer (?) and other Strange Sights on Mount Harney

I got a lot of good feedback about yesterday’s post regarding sights at US national parks that look as if they were something one would find on other planets, not on Earth. It seems readers like to hear about weird and unusual stuff. Following up on that theme, I have some remarkable pictures from Mount […]

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Otherworldly landscapes

Last summer while I was traveling abroad, I had a frustrating conversation with another girl about my age. It doesn’t matter where we were, and it doesn’t matter where she was from. We were talking about traveling in general, and the conversation went something like this: Marisa: Really? You’ve already visited more than fifty countries? […]

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4 Places You Can’t Miss on I – 90

Shane and I were driving west on Interstate 90 in Minnesota, heading in the general direction of Badlands National Park in South Dakota. Needless to say, we still had quite a distance to go. If you look at a map, you’ll notice that I – 90 goes from Boston to Seattle, so you might spend […]

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