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John Kennedy Toole: A Confederacy of Dunces

My favorite book of all time was published posthumously after Toole’s suicide. Most readers report that they find the protagonist’s escapades exasperating; at a recent book club, one of the girls voiced that she found him irredeemable. I, on the other hand, find endless enchantment in all of his antics, as Ignatius J. Reilly’s daily […]

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Words and phrases take on a whole new meaning in New Orleans

Everyone who knows me is aware of how much of a huge nerd I am when it comes to words and vocabulary. In fact, a few weeks ago Shane and I saw some friends who I hadn’t seen in at least two years. The first thing we talked about was that we had to determine […]

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Pictures from trip to New Orleans

A horse stands with his carriage just in front of the entrance to Jackson Square. St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest American cathedral, presides. Click here to go to Picasa to see all the pictures from our trip to New Orleans.

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Altercation at Cafe du Monde

One of the most popular things to do in New Orleans at any time of day is to go eat beignets at Cafe du Monde. When it comes to beignets, think of a zeppoli or funnel cake. It’s basically a glorious lump of fried dough usually drenched in powdered sugar. I use the word “drenched” […]

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The First Person I Met in New Orleans

Upon our arrival to New Orleans, my mom posed with Ignatius J. Reilly on the Canal Street entrance to the Chateau Bourbon Wyndham, our hotel on the edge of the French Quarter– thankfully on the edge and not directly in the middle! I mentioned earlier that Ignatius is my favorite literary antihero to date; he’s […]

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Swamp kids

Just got back from a week in New Orleans with Mom. Busy unpacking and getting ready for school tomorrow morning. I’ll spend this week writing about our “spring break” trip, so I’ll send those posts out as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy one of my favorite shots from our trip: We saw these […]

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New Orleans and Ignatius J. Reilly

One week from tomorrow, I’ll be spending spring break with my mom in New Orleans. We’ve been looking forward to our trip and counting down the days. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions about New Orleans from the readers. We have never been there before, so we want to hear what you have to […]

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