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Happy Hungry Journey- My New Website

Dear Subscribers to Savvy CitiZen- Thank you for following my adventures since 2009- out in the world, in the kitchen, and in the yoga studio. I will no longer be writing on this website. I invite you to subscribe to my new website- Happy Hungry Journey. I’ve made the jump to the new site for […]

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Raw Vegan Valentine Treats!

The hours are ticking away, and you still have no plan in place to surprise your special someone tomorrow on Valentine’s day! I’ve always agreed that the best way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach. We foodies like sweets, but we like real sugar, not fake sugar! Get that box of […]

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My Top 5 Takeaways from Yoga Teacher Training

When I committed to practicing yoga seriously just over three years ago, my top 5 Takeaways (or goal list) would have looked a lot different: 1. Hook ankle behind neck 2. Visvamitrasana 3. Scorpion 4. Headstand with no props 5. Handstand away from wall in the middle of the room Fast forward three years, I […]

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Summertime DIY

Seeing as it’s only the first week of August, you still have time for some summer DIY projects, so I thought I would send some inspiration your way. Although our apartment is large by San Francisco standards, Shane and I have struggled within the confines of our 800 square foot unit. My shoe collection was […]

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6 Life Lessons for Women at Beach Yoga

An impromptu yoga session at China Beach revealed unexpected revelations. Don’t discount your everyday experiences! There are lessons to be learned all the time. While these lessons could surely apply to anyone, they seemed to apply directly to women as I mulled them over.   1. Take Up Space Women often sit cross-legged or stand […]

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4 Highlights on Your Road Trip from SF to LA

I met my friend Brielle when we worked together in the Dominican Republic with student travel company Rustic Pathways. Brielle was my salsa, merengue, and bachata dance teacher in the DR, and she’s even taught my students several dance lessons in my Spanish class since then. I had the pleasure of hitting the travel trail with her […]

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Wilderness Backpacking in California

After starting the new year off right in Big Sur, Shane and I wanted to continue exploring California’s backcountry, but at a more intense level. I certainly recommend Big Sur as a stop-off on your trip down the California 1, though it may be a tad overrated as a destination in and of itself. While […]

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Mi Pueblo Supermercado

My favorite teaching experiences have always been those in which I get to bring my students into a culturally immersive environment. Earlier this month, my 6th grade Spanish students and I went along with their moms to Mi Pueblo supermarket in East Palo Alto. (There is also a location in Mountain View.) We rode our school […]

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Girl Rising (PG-13): An Impetus for Social Entrepreneurship

Last week my students in 7th and 8th grade Girls’ Leadership Club hosted their second annual movie night, raising awareness surrounding modern women’s issues around the globe with their presentation of Girl Rising. I am always so proud of these girls, whether they’re hosting a summer children’s camp in rural Costa Rica or spending their Friday night […]

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Workshop SF

Months ago out at dinner I asked my friend Katey where she got her amazing copper earrings. She had finished making them that very afternoon at the end of a two-weekend intro to jewelry-making series at Workshop. I had never heard of Workshop and was entertained by its name. Workshop on McAllister and Baker just […]

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