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3 Tips for a Rejuvenating Staycation

As a teacher at an independent school, the name of the game is as follows— work hard like crazy… here’s your vacation… work hard like crazy… surprise here’s another vacation… work hard like crazy… got ya’ again- yet another vacay comin’ at ya’! My career as a middle school Spanish teacher sets me up for […]

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Hip Hotspots Dot the Passageways of Barcelona’s Barri Gotic

Even for newbie travelers, it’s unnecessary to bring a guidebook to Barcelona, because the crowds roll from Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia in the morning to Montejuïc in the afternoon. Afterwards, tourists waste their precious evening hours hoofing it up and down La Rambla in a vain attempt to score an open seat at a restaurant. Take […]

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Top 4 Activities for Sunny Charleston in Summertime

Shane and I were excited when we were invited to a wedding in Charleston! Not only were we obviously excited about celebrating our friend’s marriage, we were stoked that it was a really cool destination! Neither of us had never been to Charleston. In fact, it was my very first time in South Carolina. I […]

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Cooking with Jorge and Beto at Casa Jacaranda

Today my students will celebrate Cinco de Mayo this afternoon in class, and no Cinco de Mayo celebration would be complete without tales from a Mexican kitchen! In April I booked myself a cooking class in Mexico City with Jorge and Beto at Casa Jacaranda. This was my first cooking class ever, and it truly […]

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Mexico City for Foodies

Oftentimes travel can be stressful for foodies on healthy diets. Indeed, the airport was a nightmare for me at SFO last week. Normally I fly with Virgin out of Terminal 2, and for whatever reason, there are great food options there like the Plant Organic Cafe and the Lark Creek Grill. Last week I was […]

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Mexico City in Four Days

Last week I flew into Mexico City Tuesday evening and left Sunday morning, which gave me four full days in between. Keeping in mind that Mexico City is one of the world’s largest cities with over 20 million people, there’s a lot to do, and so four days is an achingly short amount of time. […]

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3 Budget-Friendly Hotels Near Barcelona’s Colorful Experiences

When savvy travelers think of colorful sights in Barcelona, Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia tends to come to mind first. However, there are other places in Barcelona to enjoy a vivid visual experience away from the center of the cathedral’s tourist bustle. Colors abound in northeastern Spain, especially in summertime, and Hipmunk has you covered for landing affordable […]

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4 Highlights on Your Road Trip from SF to LA

I met my friend Brielle when we worked together in the Dominican Republic with student travel company Rustic Pathways. Brielle was my salsa, merengue, and bachata dance teacher in the DR, and she’s even taught my students several dance lessons in my Spanish class since then. I had the pleasure of hitting the travel trail with her […]

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3 Tips for Art, Architecture, and Athletics Enthusiasts in Madrid

Smart travelers on a mission never underestimate the importance of prioritizing and planning ahead. If you’re coming to Madrid to soak up its art offerings and athletic events, you want to avoid becoming distracted by everything else Spain’s capital has to offer. Fortunately there are tools at your disposal to ensure that you check those […]

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3 Cheap Hotels Near Madrid’s Best Food Spots

Historically, Madrid isn’t considered an eating destination, but luckily for foodies, that has changed a lot recently. The future of Madrid’s food scene looks brighter still, as well-known chefs continue to move into the city from all around Spain, fusing their own style with Madrid’s traditional fare. Madrid’s Michelin-rated Santceloni in the north of the […]

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