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Lessons from Children Around the World

Mar. 7, 2011, on Travel with a Mate.

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On Spunky Girl Monologues: Learning Active Kindness as a Volunteer Abroad in Haiti

Enjoy my second post published this month on Spunky Girl Monologues as part of March’s volunteering abroad theme: Thanks again to Pam for inviting me to write on her site!

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Upcoming Post on Spunky Girl Monologues

My post on Spunky Girl Monologues from March 6th will be followed up this coming Monday March 28th with another post about volunteering in Haiti. There will be a few photos posted along with the article, but I thought I would share an album with you of my pictures from Haiti in February 2010. Enjoy! […]

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Debut on Spunky Girl Monologues

Dear Readers, I’m excited to share this link with you today: I hope you enjoy my post I wrote for about my experience volunteering in Haiti last year. The website’s focus for March is on volunteering abroad, so my post fit right in. Special thanks to Pam MacNaughtan, the original “Spunky Girl” and […]

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1 Year Later: Haiti reflections continued

A post from my original blog written Jan. 9, 2011. It was called “Jan 12th approaching” I’ve been thinking about nothing but Haiti since the new year. Now that I am saddled with my full-time job, the most I can do to contribute to recovery there will be to talk to a group of interested […]

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1 Year Later: Thinking about Haiti

Exactly one year ago, I was in Haiti volunteering in a hospital. It was perhaps the most meaningful and most simple time of my life. Life was simple, because I slept in my tent and ate oatmeal. I added milk to my oatmeal if the milk was not sour. If the milk was sour on […]

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Grocery shopping abroad

I was just at Giant Supermarket in Reston, VA, for about thirty minutes. I stocked up on the coming week’s supplies. It was boring. I always dread going to the grocery store. It is always too cold in there, in northern VA the parking lot is always too small for inappropriate amount of people who […]

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The T-Shirt’s Wisdom Transcends Language Barriers

While taking a much-needed short break, WEMT (wilderness emergency medical technician) Shane asks his companion if he understands the joke. When a joke is told in a language other than your native tongue, sometimes it’s easy to miss the punch line. With the help of a translator, Shane’s friend reassured him that the concept was […]

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