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Neruda: His three houses, colorful chalices, and green ink

As a Spanish teacher and avid traveler through Spanish-speaking countries, I’ve gotten to learn about some unique Spanish-speaking creative minds! In the past I have enjoyed blogging about Salvador Dalí and his idiosyncracies. I’ve similarly delved into the details of the lives of Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera– it seems that well-known Spanish-speaking […]

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Sliding in Valparaiso

My students had a blast sliding down Valparaiso’s 48 hills while on our walking tour with La Bicicleta Verde. After all the sliding, climbing up and down staircases and riding funiculars up and down the old port city, the kids were hungry. We tore into some Chilean alfajores from a shop down one of the […]

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Flamingo Tour in Chile’s Atacama Desert

While up in San Pedro de Atacama in the middle of nowhere in the world’s driest desert for 5 days, I booked all of my tours with Terra Extreme. While I generally try to avoid such tourist traps, there really is no other way to do it in San Pedro. There are long distances to […]

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Paulina, my “host sister,” took me one afternoon to Vitacura (northeastern Santiago) to indulge my photo-taking obsession with my new Canon Rebel t5i. This fairly new park in the ritzy Vitacura neighborhood boasts an amazing view of “Sanhattan”- two new towers reminiscent of the New York skyline. The park is very well known for this […]

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Valle de La Luna in Chile’s Atacama Desert

San Pedro de Atacama is your jumping off point to all areas of interest in the Atacama desert in northern Chile. A two-hour flight from Santiago gets you north to Calama. No reason to stop there. Get a “transfer” for about 12 bucks an hour and change away to San Pedro de Atacama. A transfer […]

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Licancabur, his decapitated brother, and a little boy

Any local Atacameño in San Pedro de Atacama can tell you the legend of Licancabur. Naturally the names in the legend are complicated, as they are native pre-Inca Kunza names, but I think the girl’s name was Kimal. Licancabur and his brother were both interested in Kimal, and for whatever reason, their father favored the […]

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Photo of the day: Valle de la Luna in Chile

Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon), just twenty minutes from San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile, offers breathtaking views of rock formations, sand dunes and other mind-boggling examples of erosion. A post about all the rock formations and things to see at Valle de la Luna is forthcoming.

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Flamingos in northern Chile

I really didn’t expect to see flamingos in my 6am tour through the Atacama salt flat at Laguna de Chaxa. It was inspiring to see such brightly-colored animals in an otherwise barren (yet still gorgeous) landscape. More pictures to follow shortly!

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Tatio Geyser

Today I spent the entire day frolicking around in this geyser field, about two hours away from where I am staying in San Pedro de Atacama in northern Chile. It reminded me so much of my trip a few years ago to Yellowstone National Park. I am too tired to write tonight, but more stories […]

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Milky Way in Chile

I just got back from a jaw-dropping astronomy tour in northern Chile in San Pedro de Atacama. In the middle of the world’s driest desert, brushing up against both the Bolivian and Argentinian borders, I had the opportunity to revel in the best star-viewing I have ever seen. Luckily Jared, the astronomer, is an expert […]

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