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If you ever visit Caye Caulker…

Although you can swim off some of the public docks on Caye Caulker, this is where most people come to “the beach.” It”s called The Split, because Hurricane Hattie ripped the island in half in 1961. I imagine the deteriorated dock is a vestige of the hurricane. Even just from right here, you can swim […]

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Crying on the beach in Placencia… “bad timing” takes on a whole new meaning

I was told there would be whale sharks in Placencia, Belize. After four days scoping out Caye Caulker-awesome- I packed up my tent, took a boat back to Belize City, and took various chicken busses down to Independence. I promise a post all about chicken buses — read uncomfortable — when I get a faster […]

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Yoga on Caye Caulker at sunset

Just a quick several lines about the coolest place I have done yoga so far. My friend Elyse from Vancouver joined me for some yoga on the rooftop of one of Caye Caulker’s hotels at sunset. Jessie from Indiana lives on Caye Caulker half the year and was our teacher. Thanks to my Caye Caulker […]

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Mario’s boat, the animals, and his coral scrape remedies

This was my happy face snorkeling with Mario’s boat: That is, until I managed to be the only person of the day to scrape up against some razor sharp coral: I was wondering if my blood driplets leaching out into the water would be an issue for Mr. Barracuda: Or Miss Nurse Shark: Or Mr. […]

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Palm trees and my friend outside my tent

I got this picture around 7am. The fishermen were casting their lines out near “the Split”– where a hurricane (a long time ago) tore the island into two halves. There are also these cool “fan palms” all over the island. This one is in my camp site: By the way, that’s not my tent. My […]

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Caye Caulker

So this is the front of Caye Caulker Ocean Academy. I have a lot more pictures of the school I would like to include, but this will have to wait until I get home, because it just took approximately 5 minutes to upload this one photo! I’ve started exploring this tiny island. The water is […]

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