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Argentina in Four Weeks

Do yourself a favor, and don’t fly down to Argentina if you have only four weeks. The world’s eighth largest country, not to mention the world’s largest Spanish-speaking country, is not ideal for such a short trip. While Shane and I did indeed hit the most beautiful sights during our trip to Argentina in 2011, […]

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Matador Network shares news of Chile’s plan for 5 dams

Today on Matador Network, one of my favorite sites for entertainment and news (all travel and international-related), I read that it sadly looks like Chile is going ahead with plans for hydroelectric dams in Patagonia. The good news is that it’s not the people who are the problem. The article says that approximately 75% of […]

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Argentinian Beef and Wine on a Budget

After a ten hour bus ride from Santiago to Mendoza, with a 2am border crossing, we were not only exhausted– we were hungry! So we stand there. I scratch my head. Shane strokes his chin. What do people eat in Argentina when they get hungry? Beef! And to drink? Red wine! (Malbec to be exact.) […]

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