Attune + Align is a one of a kind holistic wellness immersion for women who want to gather in sangha sisterhood. In this intimate setting, I share directly from my trove of personal wellness habits and spiritual rituals that led me down the path to creating this life I love. I am humbled by this unique opportunity to share my divine road map for living a contented, exciting, and fulfilling life with you.

The seven chakras—the key vortices of our body’s natural energy system, will serve as your guide posts. Over the course of seven Saturdays, you’ll attune to the lifestyle practices that support your highest vibration at each chakra—beginning at the root, lessons empower you to take command of your wellness practices on your own terms. As the lessons develop in complexity and nuance over the ensuing weeks, you’ll attune to your heart’s calling on your journey towards your crown. Your supportive women’s network has your back as you align your life accordingly.

Expect to dive in to some sweaty asana sessions, envision your best life, learn meal prep strategies, hone in on your voice, discover your unique offering to the highest good, participate in a professional photo shoot, and share your personal experiences with the group every step along the way. If you choose to go deeper with me 1:1 in the area that interests you most, you enjoy insider access to discounted rates on my mentorship offerings.

Women creatives and business owners join the group in a series of workshops to hone in on every woman’s unique voice, passion, and cosmic gifts with the aim of cultivating inspiration for a new project— a business, brand, or blog.


Join us for our program kickoff event! Panel program: Women of Attune + Align

RSVP here: Wed Sept 18th @ 6:30pm – Athleta, Fillmore St. San Francisco

This event is open to the public.



$395, workshop series only

$1,045, workshop series + 1 month of 1:1 mentorship* ($50 savings)

$1,595, workshop series + 2 months of 1:1 mentorship* ($200 savings)

$2,045, workshop series + 3 months of 1:1 mentorship* ($450 savings)

*mentorships usually priced at $700 per month

*You decide how you want to spend your time during your 4 hours of monthly 1:1 mentorship. Choose from my services such as private yoga sessions, guided meditation, personalized holistic meal plan, goal setting session, or consultation for your website, blog, or resume.

Saturday workshops generally run from 12-2:30pm. Our outing to Sonoma County on Sept. 28 beings at 10am and will likely run later into the afternoon. Stay tuned for weekly emails with finalized details!


Emilie Bers
Emilie BersPhotographer
During the mentorship, women will have the exclusive opportunity to shoot with Emilie, a playful and energetic multi-passionate entrepreneur, rooted in connection and creativity. Mentees work with Emilie as she captures their authentic essence through the lens of her camera.
Brittany Bijan
Brittany BijanHarlin & Sparrow Events
Brittany trains her discerning eye on every detail involved in event design for her clients. She brings clients’ visions of their dream wedding to life in a way that is both seamless and honors their vision. Her conscientious approach leads to lasting connections with her clients. Harlin & Sparrow Events is based in Sonoma, where Brittany lives with her husband and four children.
Brielle Friedman
Brielle FriedmanBrielle Friedman Creative
Brielle Friedman is a professional dancer, writer, and marketing coach based in New York City. When she’s not helping female entrepreneurs and creatives bring their ideas to life, you can find her teaching and performing around the world and writing about her life on her blog Vitamin b.
Marisa LaValette
Marisa LaValetteFounder of Attune + Align
Marisa embraces her roles of yoga and meditation teacher and nutrition consultant to support every woman on her individualized path to wellness. Marisa’s mission is to inspire and guide women in living their best life—the life that fills them with excitement, joy, and honors their unique dharma.
Mollie Lowery
Mollie LoweryHolistic Health Coach
Mollie is a holistic health coach who is passionate about healing the body from the inside out using diet, lifestyle, behavior, and mindset shifts. She specializes in gut health and believes that it is a crucial foundation for all other aspects of health.
Jessica Sirena
Jessica SirenaSinger Songwriter
Jessica Sirena is a singer/songwriter and vocal empowerment teacher. Her wisdom on the art of singing is shared with the intention of activating and empowering people to find their own divine voices. You can listen to her medicine music album ‘Cosmic Mystery’ on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms.
Alison Smith
Alison SmithYoga Teacher
Alison is a yoga teacher known for her playful fire, inquisitive nature, and technical expertise. With over a decade of teaching experience, Alison has a down-to-earth approach that makes the complexities of yoga easier to understand and relevant to your daily life. She is the owner of The Space SF.


The Space SF
The Space SFFillmore St, San Francisco (9/21 & 11/23)
Soulstice Mind + Body Spa
Soulstice Mind + Body SpaCaledonia St, Sausalito (11/9)
RAE Studio
RAE StudioMason St, San Francisco (10/26)
Datura Studio ARts
Datura Studio ARts20th St, San Francisco (10/19)


You should sign up if you are a Bay Area woman looking for a holistic approach to spirituality and wellness that can be applied to your modern life. You do not need to have an advanced asana practice to participate. Just as I do in my public yoga classes, I meet every student where they are. Beginners and experienced practitioners alike will deepen their practice during this workshop series.

While it’s not possible for you to attend the weekend workshops, look at my 1:1 services, many of which I can offer you virtually or over the phone. As far as in-person events go, stay tuned for an offering near you soon! Stay in the loop by subscribing to my Monday Memo mailing list.

While we will practice asana at each workshop, do not sign up if you are expecting yoga only. Yoga is indeed the main format through which I teach about wellness and spirituality, but you will also dive into your personal nutrition profile, goal setting exercises, and personal branding strategies—all in the aim of attuning to your heart’s purpose, bringing it to life (in the form of a new business, brand, or blog), and aligning accordingly. If you are strictly looking for an asana-only immersion, then this workshop series is not for you.

Each Saturday we’ll sit together in sangha sisterhood. We’ll close our eyes and get grounded, allowing the swirling of the busy week to melt away. We’ll move through ~60 mins of asana practice to get you rooted into your feet and established in a supportive foundation so that you’re strong in your legs for wherever your personal spiritual journey might take you. We’ll spend the remaining time talking together, eating together, dreaming together, and envisioning your lives together. During every workshop you’ll learn strategies and skills to get you on the road towards taking actionable, measurable steps towards visualizing the life you love and calling it into being.

You decide how you want to spend 4 hours per month working directly with me.

Your yoga mentorship may include:

-1 hr private asana session / 1 hr establishing at home meditation session / 1 hr sutra study / 1 hr mindful goal setting

Your nutrition mentorship may include:

-1 hr kitchen clean out / 1 hr shopping trip / 1 hr mindful eating strategies / 1 hr food journal + handouts consultation

Your personal brand coaching mentorship may include:

-1 hr personal branding consultation / 1 hr business plan coaching / 1 hr website strategy / 1 hr marketing strategy

Each Saturday will guide you through my signature approach to meditation.

  1. Healthy Habits: Get Grounded
  2. Envision your Life: Get Creative
  3. Intuition: Listen to your Gut
  4. Follow your Heart: Love Yourself
  5. Discover your Voice: Hone in on your Unique Gifts
  6. Clarity: What do you want?
  7. Conquer Fear: Get Out of Your Own Way

While it is not necessary to own your own business, weekends #5 & #6 are themed around honing in on your unique voice and personal branding. Everyone has a personal brand, whether you know it or not, so it’s integral to your spiritual growth to get in touch with what that means. The spiritual and wellness practices you learn during Attune + Align help you to get crystal clear on who you are, the messages and vibes you send out into the Universe to others, and what you represent in terms of values and how your energy serves the highest good. It would be exciting if you felt compelled to write a blog or launch your own new brand as a result, though it’s totally open ended and not required.

I cannot offer refunds for missed workshops. You are welcome to book me for a private session to make up the missed time 1:1 at my hourly rate.