Attune + Align Yoga Teacher Training

Attune + Align yoga teacher training is a 50-hr immersion with a robust emphasis on:

  • your yoga business plan

  • your vision for your yoga life

  • your signature sequencing style

  • your approach to auditions

  • your playlist curation

  • your dharma-aligned brand

  • your offering to the highest good


$1,250 by Dec 1 – $1,500 by Jan 1 – $1,750 after Jan 1

optional 1:1 mentorship $390* (4 hrs) – regularly $795

*when booked together with training; $480 when added on later

*Contact me directly via email to discuss mentorship details.

Saturday training runs from 11am-6pm at The Space SF.

2/1, 2/8, 2/22, 3/28, 4/11, 5/9, 5/30



Attune + Align yoga teacher training immersion is for currently certified 200 or 300-hr trained yoga teachers looking to earn a living teaching yoga while honing in on their signature style.

You need a yoga mat, a notebook, and a pen. We’ll use email and Google docs for HW assignments and workshop preparations.

We’ll meet 7 Saturdays for 42 hours of in-person face time. You’ll have 1-2 hours of HW to prepare for each session. We’re calling this a 50-hr immersion, but you’ll invest a little bit more than 50 hours of time.

I will provide handouts each weekend either electronically or printed out. Throughout the course it’s possible you’ll invest in certain book purchases, but these will be unique to the topics you want to teach, so it won’t necessarily be the same texts for all students. (Plan to purchase 1-2 books.)

It doesn’t matter! Enroll if you have never officially taught. Enroll if you’ve gotten your feet wet with subbing. Enroll if you’re teaching on the weekends while hustling with a full time during the week. Enroll if you’re already teaching full time with a badass stacked schedule and want to approach your teaching in a way that honors your signature style, personality, passions, and dharma. Come as you are!

Attune + Align yoga teacher training immersion is in a class all by itself. It’s energetically geared towards women, is woman-taught, and is hosted at The Space, a woman-owned yoga school. Attune + Align immersion is unique, because YOU will teach extensively throughout the seven weekends. You’ll learn Attune + Align Signature Sequencing, you’ll make it your own, and then you’ll share it back to the group in your own way. You’ll also plan at least one anatomy lesson, one philosophy lesson, and one workshop on any topic you’re passionate about, and you’ll share it with the group. You’ll get real-time feedback on your content, delivery, and supporting materials from a room full of certified yoga instructors. Sound great? We think so, too. Can’t wait to have you join the Attune + Align community.​

Attune + Align is so much more than a yoga teacher training. As a member of Attune + Align community, you’ll have access to a rapidly growing network of women who care about their holistic wellness just as much as you do. Engage in conversation in Attune + Align Facebook group and enjoy complimentary access to Attune + Align Monthly Membership platform during the entire duration of your yoga teacher training. Attune + Align women enjoy 15% off of all wellness services not limited only to yoga such as holistic health or coaching for your personal brand. Most importantly, you’ll build friendships at bi-monthly social gatherings.