From Weekend Wellness…to Aligned Life. This is my story—

I did everything I was “supposed” to do—private school, followed by Georgetown University, followed by a teaching career in independent schools. On paper everything looked perfect, but I was living for the weekend, because I never felt good.

My Instagram suggested a life immersed in yoga and meal prep, but that version of my life was relegated to the weekend. I spent every weekend mindfully recharging, but by Monday afternoon I was already depleted— drained again until the following weekend.

I wanted more.

I wanted a life where wellness was the standard instead of the exception. I asked the Universe for a practice that would guide me towards embracing my birthright of feeling good, and so I began the process of yoga teacher training.

So I tried to have it all.

While still working my full time job and pursuing my yoga teacher training hours, inadequate sleep, stress, and an array of other factors led to digestive disturbances. My interest in healing my gut from the inside out led me to open a personal chef business, even when I was still working full time. I felt called to educate people about gut health even if I could only do it nights and weekends.

I aligned by letting go.

By the time I began teaching yoga, I essentially had three jobs … a full time job plus two side hustles. I surprised all those around me when I gave up my full time for my side hustles. While teaching yoga and serving my personal chef clients, I enrolled in Bauman College for my studies in holistic nutrition consulting and health coaching. I’ve since concluded my personal chef contracts, having scaled my coaching business. I wake up every morning and bounce out of bed excited! Through deep spiritual and wellness work coupled with intention, I’ve created space in my life for my own daily wellness practice. Today my cup is full so that I may serve women like you who want to align.

I’m sharing directly from my personal practices with you—

Through programs like Attune + Align and 7-Step Signature Branding, I support women just like you in prioritizing wellbeing as the mainstream focus of their energy, not an afterthought. When we work together I support you in making shifts in your life—some small, and some profound. When you work with me you can expect to change the way you invite various energies into your life. You’ll learn to make decisions around career, relationships, food, or personal branding in a way that honors your newly aligned energy.

Your wellbeing is your most precious asset, and it’s your birthright to embrace it.


Marisa’s bio—

M arisa LaValette was a Jersey girl until she headed to Washington, DC, for her language studies at Georgetown University. She holds a BA in German linguistics along with minors in Arabic and Spanish and went on to teach language at independent schools in New Jersey and California to middle school and high school students. Marisa completed 500+ hours of yoga teacher training with Yoga Works and is a Yoga Teacher Trainer. Her training as a health coach and holistic nutrition consultant comes from Bauman College. Yoga, gut health, and dharma-centric personal branding are the tools Marisa uses to support her clients in manifesting aligned outcomes in their lives. Marisa currently lives in San Francisco where she shares her alignment story as a motivational speaker and spiritual teacher.

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