2019 Audit: Your Year in Review

Happy 2020, and welcome to the new decade! I am so amped up for the new decade. I spent the last 10 years discovering my dharma of speaking, writing, and teaching to inspire a generation of women to say YES to the life of their dreams. I’m so grateful to be at a point in my journey where I can spend the next decade sharing directly with YOU all of the strategies, mindsets, and tips that worked for me. Are you ready to launch into your own Decade of Dharma Discovery? We’ll start by doing an audit of the last year of your life, 2019. Print out TWO copies of my yearly overview template, below, and grab some of your favorite pens and your journal. Simply click on the photo below to access the download.

Open up your CALENDAR from 2019, and open up all of your PHOTOS. Working from month to month, fill in the events, celebrations, accomplishments, or significant work that took place in each month. Take your time and comb through your appointments and photo albums. Once you’ve filled everything in as best you can, ask yourself and journal about the following questions:

1. What were my 3 biggest accomplishments?

2. What are 3 things I learned in 2019 about myself, my work, and my community?

3. What “tagline” could I assign to 2019? Ex- “attune, affirm, align”

4. Looking ahead to 2020-Which months were packed with activity? Which months were chill? If you work for yourself it’s worth asking-In which months did I generate a lot of revenue? What are the travel and lifestyle habits of my clients in certain months, and how does that affect my business? Depending on the industry of your work or your interests / hobbies / communities, see if you notice a seasonal fluctuation of your time commitment to your causes. Ex- Everybody’s on their yoga mat in January! But in July? crickets chirping! ; )

Now it’s time to start filling out your 12-mo Overview for 2020! Knowing what you know now about how 2019 went for you, fill in as many of your events, birthdays, and career milestones as you can. Don’t worry if you don’t fill everything in today. You likely won’t! Add to the template as your schedule develops. All the while you’ll be keeping the data from 2019’s calendar in the back of your mind as you decide which commitments you’ll make for the new year.

What other questions come to mind during your reflection? Please comment below! I’d love to see your 2019 12-month Audit over on social media! Tag @marisalavalette_ and @attuneandalign so we can see!

Looking to take a deeper dive? Check out the details for a Decade of Dharma Discovery new year workshop on January 25! We’ll be discussing your audit of the entire DECADE and making plans to move forward from there. Can’t join us in person? There’s still time register for Attune + Align Online Course, launching on January 7. I hope you can join! Happy New Year!