Slow Your Roll, Bossbabe! 5 Things to Do Before You Quit Your Full Time for Your Passion

I see you, yes YOU—with that sparkle in your eye. I KNOW YOU, because I’ve been there. You’ve got an amazing idea, you’re passionate, and you’re a self-starter with a track record at your full-time job that shows you’re not afraid to work hard. I’m so stoked to see you step into the role as your own boss, and I can feel that you will very soon. My question for you—as you fantasize waving buh-bye to your traditional 9-5 on December 31 and then sliding into your seat in your big girl BOSS chair of your own brand new business come January 2—have you considered the following 5 factors to really set yourself up for success? I highly recommend the path of entrepreneurship for all you badass women out there who are willing to do the work to bring your vision to life. Today I’m sharing the 5 actions, habits, and mindsets that have supported me in my success in articulating my own brand and being my own boss so far.


You’d be surprised how many women pull the plug on their stable full time source of income without having actually sat down to take the temperature on their current financial environment*—I’m talking spreadsheets, I’m talking hire your friend who is an accountant, I’m talking pull up all of your accounts, I’m talking shine a light in your piggy bank, I’m talking pull out your freaking abacus and figure out how much money you need to live each month. That whole “leap and the net will appear” thing? Ahem, that metaphor applies to the other, non-financial parts of the budding entrepreneur’s journey.

Hone in on the EXACT amounts that feel right for you in the various departments where you need to have money in your life. What’s your 401k looking like right now? Are there crickets chirping in your IRA? How many payments do you have left on your car, and for how many more years? What about your monthly credit card obligations? Maybe you grind away at your full time for a couple more years until all of your savings accounts are maxed and your monthly debt reads $0. This might mean staying in your full time for a few years longer than you want to, but now is your time to get crystal clear on your financial goals. (Keep reading below to find out how to leverage those extra years of steady work to your advantage when it comes time to launch your business…)

To paraphrase Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic: as soon as we ask our creative pursuit to start paying our bills, our relationship to it changes. If you’re not in a good financial situation when you make the leap, you just might kill your dream, and then what was the point?

In the very plausible version of the Universe where you don’t end up reaching your sales goals consistently month after month, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing there’s a boatload of your hard earned money in the bank working it’s ass off for YOU…while you and the life of your dreams catch up on Zzzzzs, charging up for another bright day ahead of bossbabe badassery.

(And don’t forget to squirrel away exactly 2K for the day you quit your job…wait, what? There’s that $2,000 spend on everybody’s first day of entrepreneurship. Remember that awesome laptop you just turned in as your old job disappears in the rearview mirror? Buckle up babe, you’re on your way to the Apple store!)

*This portion of the blog post is for women looking to launch their own business, brand, or blog as their primary source of income.

**Ask me my top 3 strategies for manifesting the money you need for the things you really want…spoiler alert, you don’t have an income problem, you have a spending problem. No I don’t,…YES, you do.

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#2 is super short. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen dreams die when women quit their jobs to enroll in X program, or Y certificate, or Z training. Oftentimes your savings run out by the time you get your certifications, and that was the money you were supposed to use to get your business off the ground.

Learn your new skills from the comfortable perspective of someone with money rolling in on the reg, and your dream will live on. Late nights? Yes. Early mornings, yes? You’ll thank yourself later, and by then the labor of your hustling days will be just a memory.


What?? Now that I’m certified up to my eyebrows, shouldn’t I be mapping out my list of services for the customers of my dreams?

Not so fast cowgirl!

As creatures of habit, we humans are really good at repeating habits that we’ve already done. If you’re not intentional about how you want to feel, you might subconsciously, unintentionally, yet very skillfully, reconstruct the exact same environment in your new business that you yearned so much to get out of.

For example, my coaching clients are generally women ages 25-35 who are highly qualified wellness professionals, health coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and photographers. Our initial sessions revolve around questions that boggle most women’s minds like What do you need your business to do for you—logistically, emotionally, and energetically? Say what? These women just rolled up to our sessions with business plans, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to collect payments…BUT, once we sit down to do the emotional work, they realize they’ve written plans for all the wrong services.

Let’s say you’re a photographer with multiple children you love caring for at home, so you’ve decided you’re not going to work nights and weekends. Your dream of photographing upscale weddings might not be in the cards right now, given the demands on your time with your little ones. You might better serve yourself right now by creating a monthly photo subscription plan for folks in your desired industry (wedding planners, florists, caterers, venues, jewelers) who need ongoing professional content for their businesses to shoot with you during the day while your kids are at school. When your kids get bigger, guess who will refer you to the bride client of your dreams…you see?

Or maybe you’re a personal trainer. You coach with me for a couple sessions and discover that your WHY in being your own bossbabe is so that you can cultivate a sense of calm, health, and wellbeing in your own life. This involves you not driving all over creation multiple times per day, which is something all too common in the experience of personal trainers. Dedicate your energy now to devising a way to get your clients to come to you. Not ready to invest yet in your own studio space? No worries!…What about owning your own studio online? …

You see? Before diving in headfirst, don’t let your services dictate your schedule. Get clear on the lifestyle you want for YOU, and allow this vision of your dream schedule to dictate the services you offer.


Something they don’t tell you in yoga teacher training is that a major part of being a modern yoga teacher is maintaining a cohesive branding strategy to generate sales.

Something they don’t tell you in health coaching school is that a major part of being a health coach is maintaining a cohesive branding strategy to generate sales.

Something they don’t tell you in photography school is that a major part of being a photographer is maintaining a cohesive branding strategy to generate sales.

; )

A successful yoga teacher doesn’t sell yoga, because the market is completely saturated.

A successful health coach doesn’t sell meal plans, because the market is completely saturated.

A successful photographer doesn’t sell photos, because the market is completely saturated.

So, what are YOU selling, Bossbabe? YOURSELF. There are 50 wonderful yoga classes also going on at exactly the same time that I’m offering my class. Why should someone choose mine? There are a slew of health coaches who can help you lose 5 pounds. Why should you work with me? There are thousands of photographers in the Bay Area who can provide beautiful photos, … you get the idea.

Similar to my question of how do you want to feel, my coaching clients are equally shocked when I ask them What are you selling that literally nobody else can offer? You’re not a photographer, you’re a woman with a camera who captures other women standing in the power of their own light. You’re not a yoga teacher, you’re a woman who teaches alignment on the mat so that clients discover where their life is misaligned off the mat. You’re not a weight loss coach, you’re a woman who shines light on the client’s journey to self-love.

Are you hiding behind the sale of a service, when deep down you know you need to stand in your light and sell yourself? Time to get clear on your unique offering to the WORLD, Bossbabe, and stand in the brilliance of your own light.


This one is the most important bit of advice on this list. Most people spend the majority of their time talking themselves into staying exactly where they are. They feed into the insecurities of the ego and stay stagnant. Those are not the people you go to for advice when you’re trying to grow and evolve!

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My coaches, teachers, and gurus shined the light on the path that would lead me to true contentment, a life in which I find myself in the driver’s seat, the bossbabe of my own schedule. It also helps to have an accountabil-a-buddy who is going through a parallel experience with you. I connect with my badass bossbabe confidantes on a weekly basis to share in the ups and downs and encourage each other every step of the way in living life on our own terms.

Tell me in the comments below—where are you at right now on your journey of being your own bossbabe? Which one of these tips is most helpful? Which tip surprises you? Forward this post to the woman in your life who needs to see this today.