Manipura Chakra #3: Listen to Your Gut

We gathered again in sisterhood for the third weekend of Attune + Align at Datura Studio Arts in the Mission. We set the tone for the day for our inquiry around the third chakra, manipura, with a meditation to ignite the fire in our bellies and call upon the wisdom to listen to our inner knowing. After a core burning asana session, we headed into the kitchen for a meal prep session, co-taught by holistic health coach Mollie Lowery.

We were thrilled to have Mollie with us to share her wealth of knowledge surrounding gut health. We were especially pleased to have Attune + Align members tuning in via Zoom for yoga and meal prep all the way from New Jersey and London.

Mollie and Marisa led the group through a recipe demo session of Raw No Bake Cashew Cookie Balls (gf, v) and Roasted Red Beet Hummus (gf, v). Mollie provided a take-home sample of her favorite gut healing tea including a blend of fennel, spearmint, peppermint, and orange peel. Check out the rest of Mollie’s work.