Muladhara Chakra #1: Rooting in Sisterhood

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, the first ever cohort of Attune + Align women gathered for the opening workshop devoted to the practices of the root chakra. The day’s goal was to encircle the women in the sense of community while putting down roots in their new sisterhood.

Gift bags included EOS lip balm, Ella + Mila nail polish, and Zebra Mildliner journal markers. Each woman’s gift bag and contents was color themed to her chakra (the order in which she registered for the series!).

The most important activity of the day was collaborating on community norms. As a community we agreed upon the ways in which we would speak to, engage with, and support each other.

After a full length asana practice focused on the bandhas of the feet and hands, we snapped our first Attune + Align community photo.