Manifestation Methods for Mindful Sisterhood

We’ve heard it before—you are the average of the five people you spend the majority of your time with. Everything in life is energy. With whom do you swap energy? Who do you spend your energy on, and who fills your cup in return? This energy exchange determines your capacity to manifest the life you love, so yes, ladies, this is some serious business. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to get really mindful about encircling yourself in healthy sangha—supportive sisterhood. Who’s got your back? Who are the women you want to hold energetic space for?

Every single woman in my sangha sisterhood circle encourages me to up level. They offer support, they walk the walk, they lead by example. Every woman on my team embodies something I aspire to, and our shared experiences propel each other forward. The success of every woman in the group encourages the collective to action. Does your current tribe give you the goosebumps the way mine does? (Not to mention the collective energy of the Aries full moon yesterday!) If not, you may need to up level the choices you make surrounding the most important relationships of your life, because the relationships you have with others impacts the relationship you have with yourself, and vice versa. Not sure how to get started in forming a wellness-centered, mindful, and supportive sisterhood? Explore below—

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Speaking of the full moon in Aries, invite women into your home for a moon circle. Full moon circles tend to be more about releasing energies, while new moon circles are great for setting intentions. Regardless of the moon phase, you’ll create space for women to share their favorite rituals, along with collective experience. Some women may come and go, but over time, you’ll see a community of women forming around shared values, right before your very eyes.

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Sisters who sweat together stay together. Do I really need to explain this one? Try a new yoga or fitness class. Introduce yourself to someone before class or give a high five or compliment afterwards. If that feels too direct, tell your teacher that you’re looking to build community. Studio teachers do a great job of helping you build community and can introduce you casually to other students after class.

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Historically, women have gathered together around spirituality. These days women gather together for moon rituals, or they form sutra circles to explore yoga philosophy. If you’re not sure how to start, invite women to share a favorite poem or quote. Once the tone is set, you might feel comfortable leading your tribe in a visualization, meditation, song, chant, or prayer.


There is nothing quite like a group vision board to promote connection within a group. The idea is that each woman chooses the images or words that speak to her specifically from your big pile of magazines. Then everyone mixes all of their selections together, the entire group takes part in randomly attaching the images all around the board, and the magic takes over. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this—every time the group’s collective vision sheds light on each woman’s intention better than she could have done all alone on her own.


I recently had the pleasure of serving as hostess of Dining Club for San Francisco-based women’s food network Proof Collective. If you’re not sure how to engage women around a certain theme, I can tell you from my experience as a foodie—put out rosé, put out snacks, and they will come! Pictured above are the beautiful souls who kept showing up for me as I was building Happy Hungry Journey for the girls!

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You know that feeling when you know you have your bestie by your side, and your squad at your back? Yep—you feel ready to take over the world, or, at least your city : ) This feeling of support and inclusion is key to our contentment. Intentionally seek out the sisterhood that is healthiest for you—your wellbeing depends on it.

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Get on board already! It’s not always easy reaching out for friendship and community without an introduction. Everyone needs a community network. I’m a member of Proof Collective so that I can swap energy and inspiration with other women associated with the food industry. No woman is an island.

I’m also here to support YOU. I invite you to join Attune + Align workshop series launching next month! The group has a couple spaces left to grow, but the program is filling quickly. If you are thinking of Attune + Align for yourself, reach out to me so that I can answer your questions ASAP, or use my Calendly to book a 20-minute call.

Details for Attune + Align Women’s Wellness Book Club AND Online Community coming very, very soon. Stay tuned! I’m working round the clock to build a community of inspiring and supportive women to nurture you on your journey towards living the life you love!