Checking in: NYRs 2019

Can you believe it’s already more than a third of the way into 2019? I feel like it was just yesterday (freezing my butt off snowshoeing in Banff on my 12/31 bday) that the wheels in my head were turning, thinking of my journal entry for the next morning on New Year’s Day. With each footstep in the waist deep snow, I inched closer and closer to articulating my goals and dreams for the New Year ahead, which I did the next morning in my journal, happily warm and cozy, with a cup of tea in hand, journaling in our cabin.

Fast-forward four months, and it’s now the end of April. We find ourselves in the heart of spring. I’m planning out the bday celebrations of my favorite Taurus (OK, my favorite human!), my husband Shane, and I can feel the overall buzz as other folks’ weekend travel picks up—people snagging three days away here, three days there. Goals have turned to planning the big annual summer trip, language immersion, or self care getaway…

…and before getting swept up in all of it (spring turning into summer is my FAVE part of the year), I thought it would behoove me to check in here and see how everything is going with my NYRs, reflection being the cornerstone of my approach to holistic wellness.

A true Capricorn, I had a New Year’s Resolution for essentially every arena of my life for 2019—do a Marie Kondo on my bedroom, be the world’s best wife, pick out a new moisturizer, sleep 8 hours, research a new investment, along with a cryptic bullet point that simply read in caps MORE AVOCADOS, but today I’ll share my progress on the ones that I think will interest, inspire, and guide you most.

1.Uphold commitment to monthly content for my blog

After launching this new site last summer, I wanted to make sure I kept up with fresh lifestyle and wellness content for you every single month…so here you go… I’m squeezing in this April blog post right here under the wire ; ) Check!

2. Establish a bullet journaling practice

A lifelong journal-er, I wanted to look at my free form stream of consciousness approach from a different perspective. Take a look here for some of my templates, along with tips on what you need to get started.

My rendition of a recipe from Bon Appetit

3. Streamline my nutrition offerings on my website

I suppose I did a Marie Kondo on my website, too. I used to have multiple tabs about my nutrition consulting services, but since then I’ve honed in on  my 7-step Signature holistic approach to healthy eating.

This streamlining has helped me to make my offering crystal clear for potential clients. I’ve nurtured my relationships with my valued clients who are truly committed to working with me in the goal of setting themselves up for a week of healthy eating, and I’ve made a couple hard decisions in letting go of some clients who used me as a Band Aid, ie those who began working with me, and over time began asking me to sneak unhealthy items into their kitchens for the week. By cleaning up my website and putting my energy into the client relationships for those folks who are committed to healthy eating, I’m conscientiously branding myself as a consultant who works with you on an intimate energetic level with the aim of cultivating an overall healthier lifestyle. Food is the vehicle folks, but really you’re working with me to hone in on the healthiest version of yourself, and your sensation of holistic wellness expands beyond the gut, though it is one of the best places to start.

4. Become a yoga model

I was really reaching for the stars on this one. I didn’t know what “yoga model” even meant, but I knew I wanted to be one, so I wrote it down on a post it note and stuck it on my altar. Recently my friend Sarah Ezrin graciously invited me to participate in her yoga video on My YogaWorks. The universe has an interesting way of working itself out. I had a blast. Thank you Sarah, thank you YogaWorks, thank you Universe.

5. Hone in on my lifelong role as mentor

I’m blessed to have had the space in my life to put together an offering that embodies my dharma. No matter how many times I’ve tried to run away from it, my life’s work as a mentor and teacher is undeniable. In my roles as yoga teacher, nutrition consultant, and even in the last decade of my life as school teacher, clients, students, and families come to me asking What’s Next? What’s in Store for Me? Where do you see my Potential? Can you guide me in unlocking it? As such you’ll be hearing more from me over the next couple weeks as I walk you through the Attune & Align Mentorship application process and answer your questions.

Something that’s still on the back burner? A big goal was to plan a yoga retreat for 2019, either for this summer or the autumn. The clock is ticking, and I haven’t put anything together. Do I put together a full blown five day trip somewhere in Mexico? Do I offer a three-day weekend local getaway? Do I table this until 2020? Stay tuned. Let me know your dream destinations below!

How is it going for you in 2019? Are you still thinking about your NYRs, or have you moved on? Do you do a quarterly (or 1/3 of the way through the year) check-in to chart your progress? Do you have a system for tracking your growth towards your goals? How can I support you in keeping up with your personal, career, and wellness goals? Please share your experience and any tips in the comments below.