Fall in Love with February!

Working on seeing life as the glass half full is an ongoing, lifelong process. Ironically, it is the people upon whom life has bestowed the most blessings who are often the most unhappy. We have so much that the one thing we feel like we “don’t have” just stands out as a starkly glaring inconsistency across the landscape of our cornucopia of blessings. At many times in my life, I’ve fallen into this category, (as a result of having been so blessed!) but the past year or so has really changed my perspective. After all, I turned 30 (wise lady!) and did my 200-hr yoga teacher certification. And even with all of these accumulating life experiences, genuine positive thinking and sincere gratitude is an active process to which one must devote attention daily.


Dolphin pose on a paddle board in the middle of “winter.”

For as long as I can remember- forever- February has been my least favorite month. What a stupid thing anyways. “February is my least favorite month.” What
is that supposed to mean? Anyway, last week (on Feb. 1) on Instagram I wrote an uncharacteristically long and reflective post. This is a departure from my usual style of taking a macro close-up of my food and then hash-tagging it as if hashtags were going out of style, and there basically isn’t even one real sentence to be found in there. I’m copying the post here (and sprinkling photos throughout) just in case your February “doesn’t feel great” and you need some inspiration:


Forearm plank can be rough, but not on these placid waters!

happyhungryjourney This year I’m going to fall in love with February. My whole life I’ve hated February- for those of us dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere, it can be a time of hibernation and hopeless waiting until the end of March when we begin to sense hints of spring. Traditionally February is my emotional low point of the year, and it’s always been more a matter of “getting through it” rather than “thriving in February.” Well I’m an adult, I recently turned 30, and I’m wise enough now to see that this mindset is not serving me!


Plank pose doesn’t seem so bad with San Francisco in the background!

Today being February 1st- and a Monday no less -was the perfect day to recommit to my New Years resolution- focus on joy and living in the moment, celebrating often, and letting go of things, thoughts, and emotions not serving me. Make no mistake- in February “sh*t gets real”- resolutions you made during December’s frenetic celebrations didn’t entirely manifest themselves in January, and February requires us to recommit again- in the commitment to loving ourselves no matter what.


Just chillin’ in Sausalito… in “winter.”

Over the weekend I cleaned out a rolling suitcase full of clothes I haven’t worn in years, and for today I set the alarm 5 minutes early today which magically put me at work 25 minutes early. I’ve already had green tea, a green smoothie, gluten-free oatmeal, and I’ve accomplished everything I needed to get done today, and it’s only 9am. This shows me that outlook is everything.


Bidalasana- cow pose

Being happy, and Mondays, and Februaries, and New Years resolutions are all joyful- it’s just all about how you look at it. I’m starting off this week with this shot from Saturday’s paddle boarding in Sausalito which really puts everything into perspective- not much to complain about really in San Francisco “Winter” if you really think about it! Again, it’s all about seeing every situation as a glass half-full, and when you begin to appreciate your life that way, you realize your cup is overflowing!

Some other highlights from the paddle boarding outing:


Bidalasana- cat pose


Getting up close with the wildlife- 10 minutes from my house!


Having a fiancé and friends who show you that paddle boarding in winter is good for you.

Huge thanks and kudos to Shane for always humoring me! What a patient guy taking pictures from his kayak!

What are some of your strategies for glass-half-full thinking during the winter months? How are your New Years’ Resolutions going so far in 2016? Have you done any “unseasonal” activities recently? Leave in comments below! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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3 Comments on “Fall in Love with February!”

  1. tomadaonline February 9, 2016 at 16:47 #

    Given today’s 77 degrees I Pacifica I’m pretty pleased with February. And the Mavericks surf contest is on this Friday. Loved your article.

    • Marisa LaValette February 9, 2016 at 16:54 #

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yea- “winter” in the bay area is nuts!

  2. Lisa February 10, 2016 at 06:53 #

    The sunshine looks beautiful!
    Most of the time I’m a “glass is half empty” person, so I appreciated your post!

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