Hip Hotspots Dot the Passageways of Barcelona’s Barri Gotic

Even for newbie travelers, it’s unnecessary to bring a guidebook to Barcelona, because the crowds roll from Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia in the morning to Montejuïc in the afternoon. Afterwards, tourists waste their precious evening hours hoofing it up and down La Rambla in a vain attempt to score an open seat at a restaurant.

Take a Detour into Barri Gotic

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

The in-the-know Barcelona traveler like you peels away from the masses and takes that detour just steps off La Rambla. As you glide in your espadrilles off the smooth pavement and onto the ancient cobblestones of Barri Gotic, you’re excited to embark on your authentic adventure.

Shop in Barri Gotic’s Signature Boutiques

You’ve amassed a brand new wardrobe while touring around Spain, and now that you find yourself in Barcelona, you realize you’re not finished shopping yet. You yearn for even more shoes when you see La Manual Alpargatera with their own trademark style of espadrille. After splurging on three more pairs, it occurs to you that you’ll need another suitcase. Just a few blocks away, Misako solves your dilemma with floral rolling suitcases. Nearby Hotel Regina and Olivia Plaza Hotel are stellar options for stowing your new suitcase before dinner.

Chow Down at Blau

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

Your intense shopping has worked up an enormous appetite. You wouldn’t want to be caught dining with tourists, so you spot the intriguing doorway at Blau Cucina e Caffe. After a relaxing glass of wine and artisanal pizza in a homey setting, you may want to rest at your hotel before diving into the nightlife. At just five minutes’ walk away, Grand Hotel Central is a top choice to recharge before your big night out. Take in the sunset from their rooftop bar and infinity pool overlooking the city.

Experience Flamenco Up Close

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

Your concierge advises you to start your exploration of Barri Gotic’s nightlife at Palau Dalmases, Barcelona’s most intimate venue for a Spanish flamenco show. As you stroll through the leafy courtyard, you notice that your seat is directly in front of the stage. Grab a cocktail from the theater’s bar and get ready for an hour of in-your-face entertainment from your red velvet seat. Feel the floor tremble as the dancers stomp and twirl just a few feet away. Get ready to see the dancers’ intricate costumes up close; after all, there are only three rows in the intimate venue. At the end of the night, head to one of the many trendy hotels in Barcelona within walking distance.

Book a Barcelona Tour with Excursiopedia

It is possible to get lost in Barri Gotic along its enigmatic curved walkways. Don’t be shy about reaching out for some guidance upon arrival. The folks at Excursiopedia want to give you an overview of Barcelona. When you arrive in the city, start out with Excursiopedia’s Barcelona Bike Morning Tour. Pedaling your way through Barri Gotic will help you to get your bearings as you hatch your custom plan for your exploration of Barcelona’s ineffable neighborhood.

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