Today I was tagged to #stopdropandyoga for the first time on Instagram. Apparently this is a huge milestone in any Instagrammer’s life. I had quite the field day with it.

Basically what you’re meant to do is stop whatever you’re doing, drop down, strike a yoga pose, get it photographed, and post it to Instagram ASAP.

Well it turns out I’m pretty much the worst at #stopdropandyoga. Between getting tagged and posting my photo, it was more than 12 hours lol. OK let’s be real, I was approaching 20 hours. Then, when I tagged other IGers to #stopdropandyoga, they posted their photos within mere minutes! My hat’s off to them for being so prompt.

Here’s the photo I wanted to use for my #stopdropandyoga:


parsva bakasana (side crow) with eagle legs

Alas, it was too close up for Instagram use. (21st century problems wah wah) I’m sure there’s an app somewhere that will help me zoom out so that I can use it on Insta. I’m already using Photo Collage, VSCOcam, Snapseed, Camera360, and Aviary to help me edit my photos. Does anyone know if any of these apps can let me use any photo I want without it getting cropped out on Instagram? Please leave in comments; I appreciate it.


parsva bakasana (side crow) with a quasi-first-attempt at spider fingers

As I began my run, I had two goals in mind. I would run a little bit like I always do, then stop somewhere for yoga, and then run back to my apartment. My two goals would be to try out:

1. Eagle legs
2. Spider fingers

I assumed neither were possible on my first attempt. A little bit of balance adjustment and angle finagling yielded success on both counts. You see how we psych ourselves out?


spider-fingers accomplished

Well, here’s the combo-pack captured on film— eagle legs with spider fingers. There’s a lot of animals going on in this photo. We’ve got a side crow, eagle legs, spider fingers, crocodile leggings, and one pleasantly-surprised human.


parsva bakasana (side crow) with eagle legs and spider fingers- yay!

Think of all the things we never even try because we simply assume we’ll never be able to accomplish them. I still feel this way about a lot of yoga poses— the ones that either involve hips (a childhood spent horseback riding = tight hips?) or a TON of flexibility. I’ve definitely been a “strength yogini” up to this point, and fortunately I’ve run into some teachers who are helping me with the flexibility portion. And don’t think that it’s just strength + flexibility = progress. There’s this thing I’m trying to develop called grit— never give up, get up every time you fall down, and always be willing to try, over and over again. You might just get something after the first try, or the 99th, you never know! It’s always right when you’ve psyched yourself out and give it just one last college try, that things seem to fall (or balance) into place.

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One Comment on “#stopdropandyoga”

  1. Bulldog Travels July 30, 2015 at 17:08 #

    Totally rad!

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