Marisa’s Pesto Recipe for Chicken Zoodles!

For my parents’ wedding anniversary this past weekend I bought them what every couple wants— a Ninja blender from Bed Bath and Beyond! I have been wanting my parents to start drinking smoothies, and they had this ancient little bullet-type blender thing that had a hard time shredding even a piece of lettuce. I knew it was time to open their eyes to the excitement of a life filled with gluten-free, dairy-free blended recipes! After downing a few smoothies, we got to work on a refreshing summer pesto. Per usual I was influenced by Maria and Alyssa at Spinach 4 Breakfast and adapted their pesto recipe.


Not pictured is the second to-go cup with top.

My mom had chicken on hand, and I hadn’t eaten Zoodles in a while, so I thought Zoodles with pesto would go great with the chicken for a refreshing summer clean-eating dinner. Worth mentioning is that I also bought my parents the Veggetti for spiralizing the zucchini.

Now that we had all the correct tools — the Ninja blender and the Vegetti — we needed to round up the necessary ingredients. This recipe will be enough for 6 people to use the pesto generously.

4 cups basil
4 cups spinach
3 garlic cloves
*2 teaspoon lemon juice
2/3 cup olive oil
4 tablespoons of pine nuts (I mix in walnuts, too)
Sea salt & Pepper to taste

*I learned to include lemon juice from the gals at Spinach 4 Breakfast. It makes the pesto taste particularly fresh and crisp!

Shove everything into the Ninja blender. No need to chop anything up before hand. This recipe is so easy! Pulse or blend fully depending on whether you want chunky or smooth pesto. I like finding the occasional surprise chunk of garlic!


Do yourself a favor and make this pesto recipe in the full-size blending canister. I had made a half-recipe, since it was only my mom, dad, and me.

Pour your pesto into a cute glass dish and then everyone can easily spoon it on to their portions.


Meanwhile, you’ve cut the Zoodles with the Vegetti. You can eat them cold, but I like to warm them up on the stove in a tiny bit of olive oil.


Serve up the chicken, and you’ve got a quick, easy, fun, healthy, clean meal for everyone! My parents remarked that with the three of us helping, this took 15 minutes to prepare.

Happy Zoodling!


(I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture on my blog of the Veggetti. Here is a video of the Veggetti being used on Spinach 4 Breakfast!)

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