3 Reasons Why Dishero Is The Food App I’ve Been Waiting For!

Recently I’ve been following foodie app Dishero @disheroapp on Instagram. As readers of my blog already know, I consider myself a bit of an aficionado when it comes to food hashtags, and Dishero takes #foodie #foodtography #foodlove and #foodporn to a whole new level! If you have a hankering for something, but you can’t exactly put your finger on it, I would send you to Dishero’s website, and I encourage you to download the app. Both the Apple and Android versions are free in the Apple store and in Google Play, respectively. Once you start exploring Dishero via these various avenues, get ready to have them “pique your appetite.” Here are three reasons why I’m in love with Dishero food app.

1. It’s All About Friendships!


Spiazzo is your go-to for Italian on West Portal Ave! Try the Penne Salmone!

Flattery goes a long way with me! Nearly a year ago I was at Tropisueño off of Market in San Francisco for lunch. I stood scanning their large lunch menu up on the wall, and this friendly guy Ilya struck up a conversation with me. He asked me if I considered myself a foodie, and at the risk of sounding a little overly self-confident I replied that yes, I did consider myself a foodie, thank you very much. Ilya, one of Dishero’s several co-founders (Alex and Dmitry are awesome, too!), filled me in about the app and invited me to join him and his gang at one of their early photo shoots.

A few days later I rolled up with some friends to Spiazzo Ristorante in West Portal— cute neighborhood by the way! The Dishero crew needed help eating all the food after each entree was photographed. Sure all this food was super cool in and of itself, but the really cool thing was the way Ilya and his colleagues interacted with the staff and owner at Spiazzo. It was the same sincere, friendly, and engaging tone that I had noticed when I first met Ilya at Tropisueño, coupled with genuine interest to learn about the owner and the background of his family’s ownership of the restaurant.

When it comes to the peeps at Dishero, they don’t put on any of those airs of your stereotypical Silicon Valley / San Francisco startup. There is no arrogance and no presuming to know everything. They are super inclusive, ask lots of questions, and have articulated the specific goal (among many others) of drawing attention to all neighborhoods in the Bay Area, not just your typical fare in the Mission or the Marina. In fact, I had driven past the West Portal area every day for 3 years on my way home from work up 19th Ave without knowing it. Little did I know that a short detour to the right would reveal adorable streets with gems of restaurants like Spiazzo and even Greek restaurant Orexi. I discovered these places entirely thanks to Dishero.

2. Stunning Professional Photos — They’re all about it!


Try the Galaktoboureko dessert at Orexi on West Portal Ave!

Thanks to Dishero’s entry on the restaurant app scene, I seriously don’t use Yelp anymore. Friends have always made fun of me for the way I always used Yelp— I would only look at the photos! Friends would always ask “Marisa, why don’t you read the reviews?” and I would tell them that frankly, I’m not sure I value all these random peoples’ opinions on Yelp. I mean, I consider myself a foodie, but how do I know if they know what they are talking about? In that event, I want an app that lets the food speak entirely for itself, in other words, Dishero. The Dishero app knows your location; restaurants show up on the app based on how far away they are from you. Then all you need to do is click, and you’re met with gorgeous professional photography shots of the food you might end up eating in these restaurants! I am not joking when I say that my mouth has watered while looking at the Dishero app. Friends say I am out of control, and when it comes to spending copious amounts of time drooling over pictures of food, they are correct!

3. It’s Philanthropic!


Check out this Braised Pork Osso Bucco at Le Charm French Bistro on 5th! #nomnom

As much as I loved the million-course food extravaganzas at Dishero’s various photo shoots, the philanthropist inside me wondered if someone else could benefit from the food. The peeps at Dishero are keenly aware of at the food inequality rampant in the Bay Area. They have teamed up with Food Runners in SF to ensure that the extra food gets into the bellies of hungry people in the Bay Area in need. I’m thinking SF Marin Food Bank in Dogpatch would be another great partner. My 6th graders love when we go over there to volunteer on our Community Service trips!

Ultimately I want to thank Dishero for giving me everything I could ever ask for in a food app— generous people who run the company, an opportunity to explore new neighborhoods in my own city, regard for the needs of our hungry community, and a streamlined slick app with endless photos of food! Kudos you guys! The competitors will eat their hearts out. Dishero rocks!

PS Photos in this blog post are obviously not mine! They are by Dishero’s gifted photographers!

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  1. juliacastorp June 25, 2015 at 19:46 #

    Love how it looks!

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