Mexico City for Foodies

Oftentimes travel can be stressful for foodies on healthy diets. Indeed, the airport was a nightmare for me at SFO last week. Normally I fly with Virgin out of Terminal 2, and for whatever reason, there are great food options there like the Plant Organic Cafe and the Lark Creek Grill. Last week I was stuck flying with United out of a different terminal, and the food options were not healthy. I got a salad at Andale, but it was wilted, and the dressing they poured all over it tasted like salt and not much else. Fortunately I had a bunch of Lara bars and bananas, but needless to say I was pretty famished once I arrived in DF, especially given the 3-hour flight delay out of San Francisco.


Healthy foodies, even those foodies on a budget, have no need to worry upon arrival to Mexico City. Fresh fruit abounds everywhere. I saw a fresh fruit stand like this one every few blocks. It’s easy to load up on fruits instead of processed foods when these are on every corner. Corner markets in California are pretty abundant as well, but we can do better!

Something else that’s key is staying at a hotel that offers a glorious complimentary breakfast. I suppose these could be hit or miss, but I struck gold at Red Tree House. In addition to fresh fruits, there is something hot coming out of the kitchen daily.


Chilaquiles at Red Tree House. They sweetly held the cheese on request. The staff is so accommodating.

After the warm chilaquiles, I headed out in search of a refreshing healthy drink. I hit the jackpot less than a block away at Ojo de Agua in Condesa. It is the most adorable little restaurant with sidewalk tables and a communal dining table inside. For a minute I thought I was back home in San Francisco. I stopped at Ojo de Agua each day that I was in Mexico City. It was a great way to ensure that I was getting my vitamins! My favorite was their sweet coconut dairy-free smoothie.


Coconut smoothie at Ojo de Agua in Condesa, Mexico City

As you step outside of Ojo de Agua, it might occur to you that Condesa is a livable and desirable part of town. All of Condesa is a virtual canopy— there is a lot of shade, and strolling around provides a relaxing atmosphere.


Fountain in front of Ojo de Agua in Condesa.

As you stroll through Condesa, you might even find your dream house! I found mine in violet across from the fountain.


Another gem in Condesa is La Maison Organique on Parque España. I enjoyed a Mayan Mexican Cacao Banana smoothie while taking in the prevalent dog-walking culture in this charming neighborhood. There was even the little corral to tie up the dogs, complete with water bowls! It made me wish I had a little critter with me to accompany me on my stroll.



Fortunately I had made friends by the time dinner rolled around! Valerie and Holly were also solo female travelers staying at Red Tree House. I was so excited that they wanted to get dressed up and go out to La Roma for a girls’ dinner at Máximo Bistrot. See, no matter how hard you try to “travel solo,” you find kindred spirits everywhere you go.

Since it was a Friday and we had no reservation, we waited upstairs in Máximo’s bar area with some Spanish wine. We were seated after about 45 minutes. The San Franciscan in me had gotten comfy for the long haul, so I was surprised when there was a table ready for us so quickly.


Everyone agreed to share these thick grilled asparagus with poached egg and hollandaise sauce! We had trouble choosing entrees, since the menu was pretty lengthy for such a nice place. I ended up with the best huachinango (red snapper) I’ve ever had. It was served with no bones in a green curry sauce. I was thrilled by the large meaty portion of fish, and I left feeling full.

NrGU8GSUcVmbM8j13IAV_88ECeLiGlLlF0P1W18INnTJ=w956-h538-noMy evening at Máximo Bistrot cost about 1/3 the amount I would spend on a night out in SF. So happy! The service, atmosphere, presentation, and quality of food at this Mexican / French fusion restaurant ranks up there with my best experiences in SF. I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it for your next trip to Mexico City for a special night out on the town!

Where do you like to eat in Mexico City? Please leave me recommendations for my next trip!


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3 Comments on “Mexico City for Foodies”

  1. Bulldog Travels April 20, 2015 at 07:32 #

    Wow does that Chiliquilis (sp?) look good this morning.

    • Marisa LaValette April 20, 2015 at 07:52 #

      Lol yes- chilaquiles! I could use some of those right now instead of my cold muesli cereal. The first time I ever had chilaquiles for breakfast I was skeptical about having chips for breakfast, but with the beans in there, the protein really hits the spot! The broth is so savory; I’ve had it other times where it’s a thicker spicier red sauce. There’s all different ways to make it!
      Thanks for reading Jenny!

      • Bulldog Travels April 20, 2015 at 08:07 #

        I have had it a number of different ways too. And each way is wonderful!

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