Bibimbap Power Bowl

Case of the Mondays? This Monday-after-Easter blog post will kick that 2:30 feeling for ‘ya. After all, my Bibimbap Power Bowl is chock-full of proteins, greens, and cleansing cabbage! I’ll make this blog post just as quick and super-easy as making yourself a Bibimbap for lunch!

I’ve been eating a lot of Korean food recently. This is pretty much an aspect of living in SF, especially since I live in the Outer Richmond where Korean food options abound. I realize that the reason I like Korean food so much is that I love all pickled foods and cabbage, and this is due to my Slovak upbringing where cabbage and vinegar played a starring role in the majority of recipes I grew up eating. Who knew that Slovak food and Korean food would ever be discussed in the same blog post?


My lunchtime version of Bibimbap doesn’t include rice due to the waiting time required for it to cook. For dinner I would definitely serve some rice underneath and add in a light meat like chicken cubes. I had some roasted potatoes with onion left over from yesterday’s Easter brunch, so I threw those in for a Slovak twist!

Here’s what you need:

1 egg
3 large kale leaves
2 generous handfuls of spinach
7-9 sliced grape tomatoes
3 tbsp sauerkraut (funny how I always happen to have that on hand)
Half of a potato- or any other root-like leftover or cooked rice you have on hand
dash of black pepper and sea salt to taste
optional red pepper flakes, Tapatío, Cholula, or other hot sauce

Everything took about 10 minutes to heat up on the stove, lightly sautéing in olive oil. The sunny-side up egg is the protein centerpiece, and everything else revolves around it in a circle. Naturally my power bowl got all mixed up together once I began to devour it after a long run followed by quick yoga sesh.

Don’t forget to rinse everything down with a hydrating glass of chilled water! I like to throw in a lemon, lime, or cucumber slice. (or all three!)

Happy Bibimbap-ing! What do you like to put in your lunchtime power bowls? Please leave the ingredients to your culinary creations in comments—

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