Top 3 Activities for a Long Weekend in Madrid

Madrid’s location in the geographic heart of Spain is advantageous to some travelers, but a curse for others. Many travelers report rushing through Madrid because they haven’t allotted enough time in their itinerary. This blog will help you out if you just realized you’re in the same situation. Here are the top three Madrid experiences if you have only a few days to visit.

1. Learn the Culture Through Art and Recent History

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

Madrid’s posh art museums are known as the Golden Triangle of Art. You might have difficulty choosing just one, but you have to weigh your options if you’re on a tight time frame. While the Museo del Prado is arguably the most famous, you might consider visiting Reina Sofia, home to Picasso’s Guernica. You can always change your mind on the way, since the three museums are within a few blocks of each other. Round out your day with an afternoon tour of the Royal Palace.

2. Stroll in Parque de Retiro

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

Take in Parque de Retiro’s beauty after the art exhibits, as the three museums dot the park’s westernmost border. If the Prado’s crowds tired you out, a siesta might be in order on Retiro’s groomed lawns. If you’re looking for something more active, go for a jog or rent a rowboat on Retiro pond. If you don’t feel like rowing, you can buy yourself a ticket on the solar-powered boat! While lazing on one of Retiro’s benches under tree-canopied footpaths, remind yourself that taking it slow is part of your Madrid experience.

3. Dive Into Madrid’s Food Scene

Image via Flickr by mklavalette

After touring the museums and jogging in Retiro, you’ll have worked up an appetite. Tapas, or pinxtos, are readily available at outdoor cafés lining the plazas. Madrileños consume a surprising amount of mini bread slices under delicious morsels like shrimp, crab, and egg. Jamón ibérico, the nation’s pride, is a thinly sliced marbleized ham, served daily as a popular pinxto. Sit down around 2:30 p.m. and be ready to stick it out for the long haul. Service is not particularly quick, and the wait staff tends to be engaging. This is where the tinto de verano comes in. Wash down all the satisfying carbs and fats with this refreshing red wine spritzer.

Around 10:30 p.m. head to Chueca to check out foodie magnet Bosco de Lobos. Enjoy their unique takes on Spanish and Italian cuisine, and indulge in over-the-top custom cocktails mixed by their barmen. Once dinner is over, you’ll be perfectly poised to hit up Chueca’s wine bars and nightclubs.

You’ll Be Back Soon

As you board your train to the other points on your Spanish itinerary, you’ll kick yourself for having allotted so little time in Madrid. After all, you still need to pose for a photo op below the iconic statue of Philip III in Plaza Mayor and give your loose change to the street performers at Puerta del Sol. Thanks to technology and the services provided by Hipmunk, you can make more time in your itinerary for Madrid before you head home.

Thanks for reading! I’m so excited to be a writer for Hipmunk working on the #‎HipmunkCityLove Project!

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