Local Organic Tomato Pizza

Your Labor Day picnic is just around the corner, and I’m right there with you when I hear you say you’re not in the mood for a greasy burger on the grill or a fake-meat carcinogenic hot dog.

Here’s how I prepare my own pizzas at home in the oven with vegetables purchased from my local 25th and Clement produce market in San Francisco, just one block from my apartment. It would be fun on Labor Day to invite your guests to throw their own toppings on these pizzas and prepare them outside on the grill!


I started by chopping up red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, mushroom, spinach, and basil, but the crowning glory of my pizzas are the organic heirloom California tomatoes, pictured here, earlier in the day.


I bought two bags of plain pizza dough from Safeway. Here’s what you need:


Using Velveeta mozzarella shredded cheese was a mistake; although delicious, it became runny and mushy after being in the oven. I’m also pretty sure it’s not nutritious.

I piled everything up on these cool pizza baking trays Shane found at Target.

chicken and veggies

chicken and veggies

The carnivores in your group might want some chicken or sausage thrown on. After popping them in the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, we ended up with two scrumptious pizzas. They are a million times more nutritious than the pizzas you buy in the frozen aisle and way more fun than ordering a pizza over the phone.

sausage and veggies

sausage and veggies

Happy Labor Day! Let me know how your pizzas turn out!

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2 Comments on “Local Organic Tomato Pizza”

  1. briellefriedman August 31, 2014 at 17:54 #

    This looks delicious!

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