Spanish Salmorejo Soup

Happy Monday everyone! I’d appreciate your feedback as Savvy CitiZen opens up a new category on the blog: cooking. Ever since moving to San Francisco two years ago, the foodie capital of the world, it’s pretty impossible not to want to try cooking something up yourself in your own kitchen.

This is my first full Monday back to school after the summer vacation. After a long day with two meetings after school, followed by a joyous 65-minute Bay Area commute, it’s not really in the cards to dream up an amazing five-course meal. But it is in the cards to dream up a healthy, colorful, quick recipe!


Here’s a great way to use up the stale bread you bought Saturday morning to accompany your brunch omelet. I learned this recipe for cold Salmorejo soup in Spain this summer. If you know gazpacho, it’s basically that, except with bread thrown in to thicken things up.

Above is what it looks like in my Ninja blender from Target:

bread ripped into 2 by 2 inch chunks
4 large quartered local tomatoes
1 medium sized cucumber sliced
1 quartered red pepper
6 green onions chopped
2 cloves garlic
1/3 cup olive oil
cracked black pepper
ground sea salt


It looked like this after turning on the blender, and then I garnished with leftover tomato, cucumber, green onion and topped it off with fresh basil. Raw green pepper is also a great garnish, and it looks pretty if you splash just a tiny bit of olive oil on top.


After realizing this was rabbit food, delicious, but not enough, I went ahead and whipped up my favorite guacamole.

2 California avocadoes
3 sprigs of organic cilantro
1/3 local tomato
1/4 squeezed lime
ground black pepper
ground sea salt

I skipped the onion because I was ravenous and in a real rush to sit down on the couch! It looked like we would be having my two favorite food countries all at once- Spain and Mexico.


The secret isn’t being a majestic chef, which I’m not; the secret is having a great place to get fresh vegetables. There’s no shortage of places like this in SF. I go every day to talk to my friends Victor and Heather at 25th and Clement fresh produce market. In addition to offering organic and local vegetables, fruits, nuts and eggs, they also offer fresh flowers which help to brighten up those foggy Outer Richmond mornings. This market is my favorite location in all of San Francisco, and by location, I mean any place, not just stores for food shopping. I feel good going in there every day, pretending I live in Europe buying only what I need for the day, and supporting my local California farmers at the same time.


I hope the upcoming posts in the food category will show my savvy readers that healthy options are possible, even on no time. The samorejo soup and guacamole took less than 15 minutes to make all together. You’ll be stuffing your face in no time, enjoying the nutritious fruits and veggies in both recipes.

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2 Comments on “Spanish Salmorejo Soup”

  1. Foghorn The IKonoclast January 20, 2015 at 21:55 #

    Thanks for the follow and I love that blue place setting. I never got to Spain but did brief pilots going to Torrejon and Zaragosa. I loved London, Paris and Brussels.



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