Mi Pueblo Supermercado

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

My favorite teaching experiences have always been those in which I get to bring my students into a culturally immersive environment. Earlier this month, my 6th grade Spanish students and I went along with their moms to Mi Pueblo supermarket in East Palo Alto. (There is also a location in Mountain View.)

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

We rode our school bus just 15 minutes away from our campus and found ourselves in an entirely Hispanic environment. All the employees in Mi Pueblo speak Spanish, and all were accommodating in helping us to practice. The students were incredibly respectful, well-behaved and surprisingly quiet while exploring all the aisles in their groups with their moms.

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

They spent the first half of the field trip working on the scavenger hunt I put together for them. After recording their various remarks about hot sauces, pan dulce, refrescos and numberous other food staples, the children all dug in to a surprisngly huge amount of Hispanic food. I am accustomed to seeing them eat hardly anything in the lunch room at school, but a field trip to Mi Pueblo got them really hungry!

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

Photo by Ruth Housenbold

Aside from enjoying seeing my students loving carnitas, burritos, carne asada and even Mexican Coca-Colas, the highlight of the excursion for me was naturally getting to connect with my students outside of the classroom. Everything comes full circle after months spent teaching lessons that finally come to fruition off campus.

Did I mention Mi Pueblo has the most satisfying assortment of salsas picantes? I went home with more than a few!


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