Taxco, Mexico vs San Francisco, CA: Celebration of the New Year

Dear family, friends and amazing audience of readers,

Dec. 31 is my favorite day of the year, because it’s New Year’s Eve AND my birthday, so I generally find that people are pretty jolly on the day that I am trying to be happy about everything, too.

Life changes a lot in one year. Exactly one year ago, I celebrated my best ever New Year’s celebration on the legendary Young family Mexico road trip- Shane, his, family and me all squished into a rental van for 11 days driving across Mexico. We were in Taxco on my birthday, about 1.5 hours away from Mexico City.

photo by Eric Young

photo by Eric Young

We enjoyed this gorgeous view of the cathedral on the cobblestone town square from our rooftop table at a fantastic restaurant; I remember I had the best enchiladas of my life coupled with the best view and best company!

photo by Eric Young: Shane, me, and cousin Seth

After dinner right at the stroke of midnight everyone in town flooded the streets of Taxco celebrating with sparklers and fireworks!

photo by Eric Young

photo by Eric Young

Exactly one year later, in a very un-Marisa-like-fashion, I’m doing a staycation in my awesome own city of San Francisco. I began my celebration of the new year and my birthday by finally buying myself a reliable used car, replacing my quirky Saab, which has recently begun insisting upon repairs every two weeks. With my Honda CRV, I’m thrilled to have a car that starts! You never know how good and secure it feels until you’ve lived with a car that doesn’t necessarily start or go anywhere!


Last night I went to dinner with my two favorite guys- Shane and Alex. Shane did all of my car research, and Alex did all the driving me around while trying out the cars. We enjoyed a well-deserved 5 course meal at Prospect downtown in the Financial District / SOMA on Spear Street. We had Dungeness crab salad, ahi tuna tartare with squid ink Sriracha sauce, pork chops, Kobe beef, swordfish, gulf shrimp, and chocolate fudge caramel tart with butterscotch ice cream all topped with freshly cracked sea salt!

with Shane

with Shane

Obviously New Years’ celebrations are different in Taxco and San Francisco, yet both are wonderfully relaxing and satisfying. Wishing you and yours a very happy, prosperous, fun, productive and savvy new year from San Francisco!

Marisa of Savvy CitiZen

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One Comment on “Taxco, Mexico vs San Francisco, CA: Celebration of the New Year”

  1. Lisa December 31, 2013 at 22:02 #

    Happy Birthday Marisa!!!

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