Mexico City: A flea market shopper’s heaven

Next weekend Shane’s parents are coming to visit us in San Francisco for the first time, and their visit coincides with the last weekend of the month, which every San Franciscan can tell you is when the Treasure Island flea market takes place! I love the handmade jewelry made by women entrepreneurs my age, the precious unique finds like $12 leather riding boots, hand-painted lamps, and flower vases, and perhaps my favorite part is my stop-off at the food trucks after an hour of trawling all the vendors’ stands.

Shane’s parents are excited to come to Treasure Island, and coincidentally, we had an equally exciting flea market experience with them back in January in Mexico City. On an 11-day family trans-Mexico road trip with 7 people in a rental van, we ended our journey in Mexico City, and lucky for us, it was a weekend, which, just like in SF, meant that lots of flea market opportunities abounded!

I would go so far as to say that perhaps this gloriously sunny and warm afternoon in Mexico City was one of my best flea market experiences EVER. Here are some reasons why I think back on our weekend afternoon in San Angel, Mexico City, as one of the best craft shopping experiences of my life:


1. Francisco Sanchez plate-maker

Señor Sanchez can be found right on the plaza with his glimmering table of multi-colored glass plates. I told him if i had more money an bigger suit case i would buy them all; that notwithstanding, I still managed to shove three into my bag– two for my new apartment, and one I sent to my parents as a late Christmas present.


Sr. Sanchez makes the plates by hand up in his house in the hills outside of Mexico city and spoke about his craft with great pride. He is at the market every Saturday to be there for the weekly Bazaar Sábado.


2. Mercado de las flores


Just across the main street Revolución from Mr. Sanchez’s plate table is the gorgeous flower market. The gorgeous colors in this picture, and the salesman sitting comfortably amongst his wares, really sum up my excellent three-day experience in Mexico City– it was colorful, beautiful, and people were laid back and kind. I hope you experience a similar sensation or sensory stimulation walking alongside the flower market.

3. Handmade jewelry at Bazaar Sábado


As if my day couldn’t get any better, with my shopping bag sagging from the weight of three glass plates, Shane and I stumbled upon this jewelry stand. I picked out this set (totaling only $29 USD!) made of copper and chrysocolla. I know it looks like turquoise, but it’s not. (Mexican chrysocolla tends to have this vibrant electric color, whereas I have a chrysocolla ring from the desert in the north of Chile that is more muted and earth-toned.) Shane picked out a similar necklace for his sister’s birthday, and everyone was happy. The sales team of brother sister here were incredibly friendly and accommodating as they custom-sized the bracelet and ring for me.


4. Amazing eats nearby!


We ate at this amazing taquería on the edge of Plaza San Angel. Our table (there on the left) was filled with affordable plates of barbacoa beef and pork– meat slow-cooked over an open fire. My favorite part of Mexican eating is the piling on of chopped onion, cilantro, and loads of different-flavored hot salsas. Ah, it was a good day! I can’t wait to go back.


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3 Comments on “Mexico City: A flea market shopper’s heaven”

  1. Rafael Trickett-Robles November 1, 2013 at 19:17 #

    As a fellow San Franciscan (Noe Valley), I’ve enjoyed my trips to Mexico City over the past few years and always stop by the Bazaar Sabado in San Angel, it is a great arts and crafts market and one can spend the entire day poking around the merchant stalls, homes and various businesses in the area. Itching to go again, we’ve just booked a quick trip the day after Thanksgiving!


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