Better SF flea market: Alemany Flea in Bernal Heights

The Alemany flea market is a legitimate and passable flea market. It’s teeny tiny; there are only two rows of vendors and usually two food trucks. It’s easy to get to in Bernal Heights just off the freeway, and they have a decent selection of quality vintage items, for example, this Coca-Cola tray:

2012-11-11 13.49.28

It even has glitzy things like these appliquéd mirrors; there is a small selection of vintage handbags, jewelry and tchotchkes.

2012-11-11 13.49.33

You know you’re in a flea market when you see a poster for Tournee du Chat Noir. Alemany Flea also has a good selection of jackets and coats including decent brands like JCrew and Banana Republic.

2012-11-11 13.43.23

A snazzy second-hand guitar might strike your fancy:

2012-11-11 14.08.23

Or this fishing pole collection:

2012-11-11 14.07.41

Shane was particularly excited about the vintage external frame Jansport hiking / camping backpacks.

2012-11-11 13.43.35

Shane and Scott check out the mountain of tools.

2012-11-11 15.14.00

As you can see, Alemany Flea market is a mish-mosh of decent vintage items. Shane and I ended up getting three rugs for our apartment. Scott got a wooden chair, a milk crate and a calendar from December 1992.

If it’s the weekend, and you’re hankering for a flea market experience, and some of the more awesome ones aren’t on that weekend (posts forthcoming!), you’d be fine to go to Alemany and have a satisfying flea market experience.

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