San Francisco Bay Area flea markets!

Since moving to San Francisco in August, I really have embraced all aspects of life pertaining to being San Franciscan. I run the coastal trail at Lands End, read on Baker Beach, and I love to complain about Muni. Sure I love the museums, and of course I love the sprawling selection of restaurants from every cuisine the world has to offer, but if you have picked up on a salient theme throughout my blog, it’s that I am obsessed with markets in every corner of the world.

San Francisco has markets. I would have left by now if it didn’t, obviously.

For me, when it comes to markets, I’m looking for the flea market to meet several stringent requirements. It must be bustling and colorful, it must offer unique artisan items as opposed to things we could buy in a regular store, and there must be a good selection of local food vendors as well.

Here is the first post in this week’s series that recounts the best SF Bay Area flea markets in the order of least awesome to most awesome, according to my criteria as outlined above.

LEAST AWESOME of the best SF Bay Area flea markets: Berkeley flea market at Ashby Station, Berkeley, CA (every Saturday and Sunday; free entry)

The website I’ve linked you to does this flea market way too much justice. The main reason I didn’t like it is because nothing there seemed particularly unique. Vendors sold items like bootlegged CDs and DVDs, and it really felt like a garage sale rather than a market.

That being said, I still managed to buy something. I figured Berkeley was the best place to buy tie-dye, so I bought a scarf for $10. I think I should have bargained, but the vendor lady seemed to need the money, so I just paid.

Here I am at China Beach back in the city later that afternoon trying it out against the wind.

The scarf passed the test.

A redeeming factor of this scruffy flea market is the charming surprise of the drum circle.

And per usual, the best way to Marisa’s heart is through her stomach. I’m a sucker for hot dogs. This guy claims that his “hot dog salsa” is a unique recipe in the Bay Area, warning me that I will never find it anywhere else. The dogs and accompanying salsa were tasty despite being probably unhealthy.


At the end of the day, I’m all for an adventure. I say still go to the Berkeley flea market at the Ashby Bart station. It’s only uphill from here.

Stay tuned for more posts about flea markets in SF that are more awesome than this one!

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2 Comments on “San Francisco Bay Area flea markets!”

  1. Martha LaValette April 16, 2013 at 13:56 #

    Sounds like fun!

    • Marisa LaValette April 20, 2013 at 10:10 #

      Next time you and Daddy come out, we will go to all of them! (depending on the weekend)

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