Scenes from a Dominican carnival in San Pedro de Macorís

Back in June I wrote about my onsite staff training for Rustic Pathways this summer in San Pedro de Macorís about 40 minutes from Santo Domingo on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic.

I spent the weekend with Jasmine and Piña down in San Pedro getting to know the bateyes— the communities on sugar cane plantations where we would be performing community service. One evening, with our driver Rafa, we got side-tracked when we espied a fun carnival taking place. As you can see from the earlier post, we were up pretty high on the sketchy ferris wheel taking in the good view. P.S. Here is a picture of Rafa– cool guy. He drove my kids and me around all summer for 60 days or so.

Having gone through my photos after the summer, I wanted to share a few more images from this super-fun carnival. I thought the children rolling around in plastic spheres in a little swimming pool looked über-cool.

But then the more I thought about it, rolling around in a plastic ball in the hot and humid Dominican climate sounded really sweaty and awful, especially after someone else had just been crawling around inside.

Once we had enough of looking at that, and deciding certainly not to try it out for ourselves, we caught sight of Dominican ladies sporting the typical fashions– bright floral patterns, huge earrings, neon stripes, etc. I thought they looked pretty while watching the spinning swings ride… which we went on next.

The clown ended up being creepy. He was jovial at first but then just wouldn’t go away. He ended up sitting in front of me on the swing ride, and he was pretty much a neon blur in front of me blocking my vision the entire time. It was fun otherwise.

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