Los Tres Ojos: A Santo Domingo Surprise

While taking students on a tour of Santo Domingo’s colonial zone, we would often take a jaunt over to see “Los Tres Ojos.” I liked to not tell the students what Tres Ojos are, because I liked seeing their surprised reaction upon arriving. I surely was surprised the first time I went to Los Tres Ojos.

Basically, we would be driving around in very urban areas, and then a few minutes from Faro Colón (the Christopher Columbus lighthouse) we would visit these caves just under the highway! Los Tres Ojos means “the three eyes,” in reference to the three lakes accessible from the hole in the ground: La Nevera (the freezer / refrigerator), Lago las Mujeres (lake of the women), and Aguas Azufradas (sulphur waters).

The unappetizing part is that there are definitely bats down there. We took our groups on boat rides across the underground lake (and under the bats) for 25 pesos per person (less than a dollar).

The boat driver always said that if you feel cold drops of water on your head while on the boat ride, that would be water dripping off the ceiling, but he said that any warm water dripping on your head was “pipi.”

The boat is basically a square crate connected on ropes and a pulley system that seats about 12.

Like I said, it costs less than a dollar to ride across the bat lake with leaking ceiling. When you reach the other side, you walk down a short path and find this gorgeous clearing:

I can speak from personal experience that this photo makes a glorious desktop background.

Overall, los Tres Ojos is a great destination while sightseeing, because it offers a jungly atmosphere while being within the city limits.

Additionally, it is a great location for groups because all the small lakes are connected via walkway and stairway.

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One Comment on “Los Tres Ojos: A Santo Domingo Surprise”

  1. Karen September 12, 2012 at 03:18 #

    Wow! A really cool place, Marisa!!

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