La Sirena: Wal-Mart Dominican Style

Obviously I had limited internet access all summer while working for Rustic Pathways in the Dominican Republic. In order to catch up, my first order of business is to write about the exhilarating experience of shopping in La Sirena. Our country director Harry had his office a few blocks from the Blue Mall in Santo Domingo, so his place was the base for shopping trips for supplies for our 4 programs in DR.

Kayley, Jasmine and I went diagonally across the street to La Sirena. Sirena means “mermaid,” so their logo is a mermaid tail up on the sign. We spent a glorious fun hour buying supplies for our summer programs. I was a guide on three sessions of the Life in the Bateyes community service program with Jasmine, and Kayley spent time with us on that program while also spending the majority of her summer on the Leadership Program. I also did one session of the Latin Beats program up in the mountains in Jarabacoa but unforuntately never got to guide the Island Living program. P.S. Take a look at the DR programs offered by Rustic Pathways here. Whereas there were only 4 programs this summer in DR, our programs turned out to be so popular that there will be many more programs offered there next summer. 

Shopping at La Sirena feels just like shopping at Wal-Mart except a little better. It’s significantly larger than a typical Wal-Mart, and more colorful. And of course naturally everything is always more fun when all the signs are in Spanish.

I also appreciated the sign warning parents not to let their children climb on the enticing jungle gym that was set up in the middle of the store:

People living an urban lifestyle Santo Domingo share a lot of tastes in common with North Americans. For example, they buy electronics for their homes:

Additionally they are interested in furniture at reasonable prices:

However, one thing Norteamericanas may never share in common with Dominicanas is fashion:

I’m in no position to judge. I mean, just look what we bought:

Click here to see the inventory of treasures that can be obtained in a La Sirena near you.

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2 Comments on “La Sirena: Wal-Mart Dominican Style”

  1. Martha LaValette September 9, 2012 at 16:47 #

    Wow! Sensory overload.


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