Kat’s Candles

Yesterday was indeed not the first time I had ever been to John’s Pass in Medeira Beach, FL. I can’t believe that I bypassed Global Candle Gallery a few years prior. I had really missed out!

Standing outside the doorway, one can just see Kat hard at work making a handcrafted candle. In fact, Global Candle Gallery has a patented candle-making process you can read about on their website and is such a popular business that they have eight or so other locations in Florida, California, and Arizona.

Casey (Shane’s sister) was helpful in holding up our favorite candles to the light (see photo below) so that we could get an idea of what they would look like glowing when lit. The good news is that once you burn down the candle, you can refill them with a votive. Kat explained to me that there is some sort of coating (I think she said acryclic) on the outside of the candles so that the design remains intact even after years of burning the candles!

They offer designs from animals, to peace signs, to music notes. You can even custom design a candle (see their website again).

It’s fun to go in the store just to browse the colorful selection:

Casey and I bought a candle for Karen, our generous hostess. Karen was a music major when she was an undergrad, and it is always nice to have the option to give a gift pertaining directly to the recipient’s interest. Lucy (bird) approved of it, too.

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