5 things to find on Marisa’s scavenger hunt through Valparaiso

While walking through the streets of Valparaiso, you will stumble upon charming heartwarming whimsical treasures.

If your life ever dumps you in Valpo for a weekend, check off as many of the following as possible.

1) Salvador Dali’s face:

I didn’t notice him until after uploading my pics to the computer.

2) A bench built into the street curb:

3) You will be able to check off the following all at once: menorah, Chilean flag, giant mushrooms:

4) A keyboard:

5) Place checkmark here if you are lucky enough to see student protests:

Yeah, I’m sure I’d be one of the kids busy eating empanadas even with all the action going down:

I would miss this while stuffing my face:

At least it’s nice to know that Americans aren’t the only people miffed about the cost of education. (P.S. All that red is not blood! Some kid had thrown something!)

We should have stuck it out to see longer what would happen next, but I was suddenly hungry. Besides, we had gotten close enough to the action:

I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere closer to the policia for any reason anyways. We’d seen enough. From what I heard when we were there, the students have an appointment on the town square every Thursday for their protest. The police line up in the barricade formation to prevent them from spreading out up the street. So organized!

Like I said, Valparaiso is the most fun place to just walk around.

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2 Comments on “5 things to find on Marisa’s scavenger hunt through Valparaiso”

  1. Bill December 1, 2011 at 09:48 #

    It looks like a couple of battle scars on the shields carried by the Policia. Or it could have laid on the street while a pigeon or two flew over and bombed them.

  2. andreas December 10, 2011 at 19:42 #

    i love the piano stairs.

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