The 2 best views in Santiago, and of course, the best snack…

Cerro Santa Lucia, Cerro San Cristobal, and choripan. In any order you want.

I never expect all that much when I think of capital cities. Dirty, noisy, crowded, stinky, did I mention dirty?

Santiago is all those things, especially in the metro.

However, Santiago offers 2 getaways. You are high up enough to see the skyline and so high up that you can’t see the dirt.

When you get sick of those fans that uselessly spritz icky water on you in a weak attempt to cool you off in the metro, head high above ground.

1) Start with Cerro Santa Lucia just across from Santa Lucia metro stop on the red line.

You walk up the lovely stairs past the fountain up the big hill. For a minute you forget, and you think you are in a plaza in Europe somewhere.

At the top after some stair-climbing you will enjoy a panoramic view something like this. Well, at least in your own picture my big head won’t be consuming most of the picture.

Shane quickly realized the need to zoom out a bit.

That’s better.

Cerro Santa Lucia is nice the whole walk up and down because there are plenty of other places there to take pics, not just at the top.

2) Then we headed two stops more on the red line to Baquedano. You walk up Pio Nono to where you buy your tickets for the funicular up Cerro San Cristobal. Message me directly for the ticket price. I remember Shane paid for those tickets that day so the price is written down in his budget little notebook, not mine. I don’t have his notebook right now. It was very inexpensive from what I can remember. More on budgeting in another blog post, and more info about our little Moleskine budget notebooks we bring everywhere.

Yea, it’s a little unnerving as you’re going up seeing the other car coming directly at you on its way down. It works somehow.

All the couples and families sit on the steps directly underneath the Mother Mary statue.

Snack time: At the end of the long day of sight-seeing, you will want a choripan snack. Argentina usually gets credited for this scrumptrilescent sausage sandwich snack, but Chile has it, too!

This lady also had the option of palta (how they call avocado in Chile and Argentina), which I consider to be the ultimate fixin’. She had all the other toppings, too– mayo (a Chilean fave), mustard, ketchup, and tomato.

It’s pretty embarrassing (and pretty gross) how much I like and have always liked mayo. This is why I liked the street snacks so much in Santiago. If you like mayo, you’re in good shape. If not, you will have problems. Also, I noticed the mayo in Chile is thicker than at home in USA. This was exciting for me and will be revolting for most others. Good luck.

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