Pictures on the doors at Santiago´s Hostel Plaza de Armas

I´ve already mentioned Hostel Plaza de Armas in an earlier post about where we stayed in Chile. It is in a great location; in fact it is right above the metro (Plaza de Armas metro stop), so you can get wherever you need for about 50 cents per ride.

I´ve also already mentioned the great views from the balcony of the hostel. There are actually two balconies– one off the entry room and one off the kitchen. Great for eating, drinking, tanning, and people-watching below.

The place can in fact be kind of tricky to find. It´s best to ask around once you get to the plaza. You have to weave between the empanada and hot dog stands, and the hostel is not a free-standing structure. It´s in an old apartment building up on the 6th floor. You have to take the elevator– the kind with an old man inside– the elevator operator. Our big backpacks made our mission seem pretty obvious though. We were looking for the door, and a guy caught our eye and waved us over in the right direction. All thanks to the obvious backpacks.

We stayed a total of 3 nights in the place as we weaved in and out of the city while visiting other places not too far away over the course of a week– Valparaiso and La Campana National Park. It´s probably best to book in advance with Hostel Plaza de Armas. We got lucky each time not having reservations. It was roughly $16 USD per night per person in the dorm.

On our last day there it was a bit hectic. They are doing construction in there. It seems like they are trying to build more rooms because they are so popular. So, the construction and expansion is a good sign.

Apart from being a nice hostel, perhaps people are merely flocking to them to get a load of these pictures. I thought these two for the shower were cute:

I still haven´t yet made up my mind how I feel about the next two pictures. I guess they´re funny. I stood in front of the two bathroom doors trying to figure things out. It sort of took me a while. During the rest of our visit I noticed that at least other newcomers also seemed mystified. It wasn´t just me.

If you ever make it to Hostel Plaza de Armas, go see for yourself. Let me know how you liked their pictures.

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One Comment on “Pictures on the doors at Santiago´s Hostel Plaza de Armas”

  1. Karen November 16, 2011 at 15:43 #

    What were those last 2 pics? For 110 and 220 plugs? I am mystified! The shower ones are cute!!!

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