More Santiaguiño cuisine! Ay caramba!

As if your arteries weren´t already begging for mercy during your stay in Santiago, here´s another way to abuse them. How about some chorrillana:

Yup, that´s greasy fries, scrambled egg, beef, and onion. And if that´s not enough for you, they insist on bringing mayo on the side. Those Santiaguiños and their mayo.

Just look how unsuspecting we had been:

One portion serves 2 people. It was 2800 Chilean pesos near the Estacion Central metro stop. This includes a drink, but at $5.40 I say it was overpriced, as is everything in Santiago (according to me).

You can wash this cardiac assault down with a mote con huesillo.

They sell these drinks for $700 Chilean pesos / $1.40 USD over near the Santa Lucia metro stop overlooking the entire city. The vendor told me it was a peach tea, but I would have to disagree. It was more like a syrupy juice with entire dried peaches floating around in it with particles of some sort of wheat collecting on the bottom.

While I would recommend that anyone visiting Santiago should certainly try both of these because this is what I saw everyone in Santiago eating, I personally won´t go out in search of chorrillana or mote again. Chorrillana is too greasy and mote too syrupy. But that´s why we travel. To try everything out.

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One Comment on “More Santiaguiño cuisine! Ay caramba!”

  1. Karen November 7, 2011 at 11:16 #

    I totally understand. I tried and then became a vegetarian for the remainder of my stay in Nicaragua. The fruit was fresh and in season and safe!!! (A young stomach is far better at trying new things than a more mature stomach!!) lol…Need some sightseeing pictures of the people and topography!!!

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