Santiago, Chile, part 2


Eating is an adjustment as soon as you get to Santiago. I generally dont like eating standing up, but this is how they do lunch here, usually either for empanadas or at hot dog counters.

I cant explain the hot dog phenomenon. Santiaguinos must eat more hot dogs per capita. One night after a night out at a club Shane and I ate a disgusting (read: delicious) jumbo hot dog topped with guacamole, fresh tomoatoes, ketchup, and a ridiculously broad slathering of mayo. It,s fantastic at 4:15am leaving a club (p.s. we were the first to leave!), but at lunch time we stuck to empanadas.

I liked the ones de pino (ground beef, egg, olives, onion).

Shane liked ham, cheese, tomato.

In other words, during the day we didnt eat anything healthy.

Thank goodness Shane is the worlds best cook!

Look how he just throws together some basic ingredients from the supermarket.

We will be eating in every night; of eight nights so far we have cooked for ourselves seven. This is a good $$$ saver, especially if you do like we do and get the local flavors from the vendors during lunch time. We cook our own breakfasts (oatmeal and fruit) every day as well.

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One Comment on “Santiago, Chile, part 2”

  1. Karen November 3, 2011 at 10:02 #

    Wow! I always take pictures of the markets and what we eat and drink, too! I think food is a cultural part of the countries we visit and should be documented!! =)

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