Central America + 2 outfits =

In an effort to pack light for my 7-week backpacking trip, I came up with the genius idea to bring one pair of pants (those crazy ones that, thanks to the zippers just above the knee, can be pants or shorts), one sun dress, and two tank tops. Interestingly enough, both tank tops were blue and looked alike. I also had one pair of hiking boots and one pair of flip flops. The good news is, out of 50 days of traveling, I showered 49 times. I find that to be respectable and even dare I say laudable, given the amount of clothes I had.

Thanks to my brilliant idea to pack light, I ended up with pictures that look like these:

I suppose this picture at the McDonald’s in Antigua, Guatemala, is outrageous regardless of my repeat outfit. Elyse looks nice. Perhaps I could have dug my dress out from the bottom of my pack.

A few minutes later I was strolling through Antigua’s classy cobblestone side streets. I feel like a J Crew dress and Jackie O sunglasses topped off with a summer scarf would have been a trendier choice, given the lovely backdrop. I was hiking mountains on my trip, what do you want?

Andre probably will not forgive me for this one, but I looked more ridiculous out of the two of us when we went zip-lining at Recreo Verde in Costa Rica.

It’s good to laugh at oneself. I still insist I brought the right amount of clothes.

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One Comment on “Central America + 2 outfits =”

  1. Karen August 2, 2011 at 12:31 #

    I think you look great!

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